4 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers


Monetizing a blog doesn’t have to be difficult. If you look around you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to milk your blog for money. However, one of the most common and effective ways of earning a consistent, hands free income from your blog is through affiliate marketing.

Promoting affiliate products can give a big push to your blog in terms of monetary success. However, you need to do it properly to get the best results. Given below are four highly effective affiliate marketing tips that any blogger can use to get strong results.

Tip #1: Analyze Your Current Blog Design/Theme

Your blog’s theme matters a lot, so it’s important that you take a hard look at it to see if it’s fit for affiliate marketing.

If you’re using WordPress (which is highly recommended) then ask yourself, is your current theme good enough a.k.a customized for including affiliate ads or links? Does it allow you to promote affiliate products in a better way?

Tip #2: Focus on Few Affiliate Program to Start With

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re starting to promote affiliate products on your blog. The number one mistake bloggers make is they try to promote each and every product that comes their way.

However, this will automatically lead you to failure because in order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you must focus on choosing only the best products. Your aim here is to go for quality, rather than quantity.

Do a background check on the product that you want to promote then go from there. Remember, being hasty will lead you to nowhere.

Tip #3: Try Out the Product You Want to Recommend

Successful affiliate marketing is not about selling, but it’s about building rock solid relationships. If you are able to create this bond with your audience, it’ll be easier to grow and expand your business. This is why you should never promote a product that you haven’t personally tested.

You have to analyze the product in every possible way to bring out its pros and cons. Most of the affiliate marketers fail to do this, making their recommendations ‘not-so-genuine’. The more you focus on giving value to your audience, the more you’ll convert them into paying customers.

Tip #4: Presell, Don’t Sell

As a blogger, you shouldn’t try to do hardcore affiliate promotion. It’ll be a turnoff for your readers because they won’t see any value in your sales pitch. The reason they’re reading your blog is to learn or find something new, which is why you should presell the product you’re promoting rather than selling.

Educate your readers about the ins and outs of the product. Shed light on why it works and why it doesn’t. Give them a deeper, enhanced understanding of why they should buy it.

They’ll appreciate you more for your honesty, something that will boost your profits in the long run.

How do you integrate affiliate marketing into your blogging? Do you have any specific tips to share? Do comment below and let us know.

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