Dolphin Entertainment makes a Splash with New CMO Hire Ellie Doty

Industry veteran Ellie Doty joins Dolphin Entertainment as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing her extensive experience in global branding and consumer marketing to lead the company's marketing and brand strategy efforts.


Dolphin Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:DLPN) has made a major splash in the entertainment, hospitality, and technology marketing industry with the hiring of Ellie Doty as its Chief Marketing Officer. Doty is a seasoned veteran in the world of branding and communications, with a wealth of experience in leading global consumer brands, such as Taco Bell, KFC, Chili’s, and Burger King.

In her new role at Dolphin Entertainment, Doty will be responsible for overseeing branding, messaging, and communications to all audiences and stakeholders, as well as leading all marketing and brand strategy efforts for the company and its investments. This is a crucial hire for Dolphin Entertainment, as the company seeks to expand its reach and further cement its position as a leading independent entertainment marketing and production company.

According to Dolphin Entertainment CEO Bill O’Dowd, “Ellie’s proven track record of designing strategy and executing for multi-location, iconic brands across the globe, leading and building diverse teams and delivering high impact business results make her an important and timely addition to our executive leadership team.”

In her previous roles, Doty has overseen significant marketing budgets and been responsible for major brand overhauls. At Burger King, she played a key role in the fast-food chain’s rebranding efforts, which included a revamped logo, packaging, and uniforms. Doty also spearheaded the launch of the chain’s first US loyalty scheme, which has since seen around 80% of the brand’s digital customers sign up.

In a statement regarding her new role at Dolphin Entertainment, Doty said, “Dolphin and all of the Dolphin agencies have a decades-long power position helping brands and talent earn a place in people’s lives, especially in spaces that shape culture, like film, television, music, gaming, hospitality, and tech. After years of buying and creating mass advertising campaigns, I am a believer that the most powerful marketing is earned.”

One of Doty’s key insights is that the journey of iconography is how you own assets, memories, and memory structures in a way that’s super relevant for today. This philosophy is sure to inform her work at Dolphin Entertainment, as she seeks to build and maintain the company’s brand in a way that resonates with modern audiences.

Doty’s experience at Burger King, where she reported directly to the president of Burger King North America and had responsibility for $400m of spend across various departments, including digital marketing, culinary, and communications, has equipped her with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in her new role at Dolphin Entertainment. Under her watch, Burger King underwent a major brand overhaul, launched a new loyalty scheme, and focused on long-term outcomes. Her experience and insights are sure to be invaluable as she seeks to help Dolphin Entertainment achieve its marketing and branding goals.

Dolphin Entertainment is a major player in the entertainment industry, providing expert strategic marketing and publicity services to many of the top brands in film, television, music, gaming, and hospitality. The company’s legacy content production business has produced multiple feature films and award-winning digital series and recently entered into a multi-year agreement with IMAX to co-produce feature documentaries.

With Doty’s appointment, Dolphin Entertainment is poised to take the entertainment, hospitality, and technology marketing industry by storm. Doty’s extensive experience and proven track record in marketing and brand strategy, combined with her passion for helping brands earn a place in people’s lives, make her the perfect fit for this role. The future looks bright for Dolphin Entertainment, and Doty is undoubtedly a key player in the company’s continued success.

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