Recognized as a leading incentive network by affiliates, forums, and trade publications, Adscend Media has been quietly going about their business of making publishers money and sending quality leads to advertisers since 2009. Founded by Fehzan Ali and Jeremy Bash, Adscend is constantly working to make sure that their technology meets the needs of their publishers and advertiser base.

Are you a current Adscend publisher or advertiser? If not, here are five reasons why you need to work with Adscend:

Global Reach and Offer Selection: Adscend serves ads in over 180 countries. For publishers, this global reach means that if you are looking for offers for a particular country, Adscend probably has at least a few offers for that country. For advertisers, Adscend’s global reach allows you to tap into new traffic sources worldwide.

Adscend’s offer selection is massive, with over 1500 active offers, including installs, mobile apps, freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, mobile subscriptions, and basically all major types of incent offers.

Publisher Education and Support: New to incentivized offers or content locking? No problem. Adscend account managers are always willing to help new publishers get started by providing niche ideas, content suggestions, traffic source and offer recommendations. Adscend also provides publishers with access to a members only forum, a step-by-step gateway installation guide, and content locking best practice tips through their blog and social media channels.

Dedicated Advertiser Support and Diverse Ad Options: Adscend advertisers are assigned a dedicated account manager upon sign up who works with each advertiser to meet their unique goals. Multiple campaign placement solutions are available to advertisers and Adscend gives advertisers the choice of many unique campaign options, such as incentive reward programs and sweepstakes, mobile app/desktop software downloads, and Facebook Likes and installs.

Strong Monetization Technology: Adscend is a complete incentive network that provides a wide set of tools to publishers to help them monetize their content. For content lockers, the Adscend Content Gateway is a customizable content locker that works well on web content, while the Adscend File/Link Gateway doesn’t require a website and allows publishers to lock access to download links, passwords, files, and more! App developers love Adscend’s Virtual Rewards technology, as it allows these publishers to monetize in-app items, such as virtual currency and premium app features. For publishers with worldwide traffic, Adscend’s SuperURL tool allows these pubs to route visitors to different offers, based on their location.

Expertise: As previously mentioned, Adscend is always in the conversation when anyone is talking about content locking or incentive networks. In fact, Adscend was the highest ranking content locking network listed in our September 2012 Top Ten CPA Affiliate Networks report. Adscend is also involved in shaping our industry and is a member of the Performance Marketing Association and Executive Council of Performance Marketing. Recently, Adscend received the seventh highest CPA network ranking for 2013 in the Top 20 CPA Networks report by Revenue Performance Magazine.

About Adscend
Adscend is a privately held and debt-free company headquartered in Dallas, TX with staff located throughout the United States.

For publishers, Adscend’s turnkey solutions allow them to maximize revenue from their premium content. For advertisers, Adscend’s vast global reach and high engagement solutions enable them to acquire new customers, perform market research, and ultimately grow sales.

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