Zac Johnson’s Proven Ways to Jumpstart Facebook Campaigns


When it comes to creating an new ad campaign on Facebook, you can usually guess what demographics are going to work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a head start and not just have to guess and throw stuff against the wall and some stick and make you money? Through the power of Quantcast and Facebook Ads targeting, let’s walk you through the process of how you can kick start your ad campaigns from the beginning, and get a bit closer to profitability.

First, you need to find a good offer to test. In this case, we will use Why Simply because it’s a well known brand and is used by millions of subscribers and visitors monthly, and will make for a good case study. This offer pays around $1.90 per lead, and is available for several different countries through Neverblue.

Now that we have an offer, we have two choices… head over to Facebook Ads and start building a campaign based on who we guess might be interested in the offer, or actually do some research. Let’s do the later, and see what we can find out about the offer.

Since we know the landing page and offer is, we can take that information and submit it into the form at

Let’s take a look at the information we are now provided with… all for free!

Quantcast and Facebook Ads

Right off the bat we can see that more women (nearly 2-1) are visiting The best age ranges to target would be 18-34 and 35-49. There is also a decent amount of other useful information in there as well.

Remember, these are just estimates from Quantcast, and not always 100% accurate when building ad campaigns… but it’s better than taking a shot in the dark.

Quantcast can also provide you with other useful information, such as what other web site people are visiting after or while they may be visiting the site you are looking up. This can be useful if you are targeting web sites through CPV advertising.

Quantcast and Facebook Ads

Now, using what you’ve learned from Quancast, and already know about targeting on Facebook Ads, you can create an accurate ad campaign, as seen below.

Quancast and Facebook Ads

See how we targeted the gender and age groups recommended by Quantcast, then through Facebook’s interests targeting, we were also able to target people who are already interested in astrology, horoscopes and tarot.

Before creating your next Facebook Ads campaign, make sure you take the time to do a little research with Quantcast, and see if it gives you a bit of a jump on your demographic targeting.

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