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Five Ways Bid Duplication Mirrors HBO’s Succession

In the ever-twisting and often absurd world of online advertising, bid duplication emerges as a story that could rival the dramatic arcs and sharp wit of the hit TV show “Succession.” As part of our adtech prompt series, we’ve invited industry experts to distill their wisdom into 190 words, each crafting a narrative that is as richly layered and subtly ironic as the series itself. These vignettes don’t just dissect the technicalities of bid duplication; they reveal the human comedy behind the clicks and codes, mirroring the dark humor and complex characterizations found in “Succession.”

Imagine this digital realm as a stage, reminiscent of Shakespearean drama but set in the high-speed world of the internet. Here, each player in the adtech game navigates a labyrinth of duplicated bids, echoing the cunning schemes and power plays of the Roy family in “Succession.” The irony, however, is thicker than a plot twist in a soap opera. As these experts pull back the curtain on bid duplication, they reveal a spectacle where ambition collides with absurdity, and strategy often slips into farce. This series is more than just an exploration of a digital dilemma; it’s a dive into a narrative as complex and entertaining as the best of TV dramas, where each twist in the tale reflects the larger, often humorous, human condition.

1. The Kafkaesque Auction: A Comedy of Clones

Rich Kahn, CEO and Co-Founder of Anura Solutions, likens bid duplication to a surreal auction where one unwittingly bids against their own doppelgängers. It’s a comedic, yet unsettling scene, reminiscent of “Succession’s” own absurd power plays. Imagine bidding for a prized relic, only to realize the competition is your mirror image, multiplied. It’s a digital hall of mirrors, each reflection a distorted echo of desire and strategy, much like the convoluted machinations of the Roy family.

2. The Ethical Labyrinth: A Corporate Chess Game

Mark Donatelli, Managing Partner at Cimply, views bid duplication as an ethically grey chess game, akin to the strategic maneuvers in “Succession.” It’s not just about placing a bid; it’s about outwitting an invisible opponent who might just be your own shadow. In this game, the pawns are duplicity and deception, moving across a board where the rules are as fluid as the characters’ allegiances in the TV series.

3. The Self-Destructive Opera: A Symphony of Hubris

Shiv Gupta from U of Digital highlights the self-sabotaging nature of bid duplication, drawing a parallel to “Succession’s” tragic opera of hubris. Like the show’s characters, who often engineer their own downfalls, bid duplication is a short-sighted strategy that backfires in the long run. It’s an act of digital hubris, a symphony where each note is a bid, building to a crescendo that ultimately collapses under its own weight.

4. The Dystopian Mirror: Reflecting a Twisted Reality

Pesach Lattin of ADOTAT sees programmatic auctions as a dystopian reflection, akin to a bad sci-fi movie where cloning runs amok. This mirrors the bizarre and often twisted reality of “Succession,” where truth is stranger than fiction. In this world, every bid is a carbon copy, a monotonous echo in a landscape starved of originality and diversity, much like the repetitive and predictable nature of the power struggles within the Roy family.

5. The Inertia Waltz: A Dance of Resistance

The reluctance of publishers to tackle bid duplication, for fear of revenue loss, echoes the resistance to change in “Succession.” Characters in the series are often trapped in a waltz of inertia, clinging to the familiar dance of power and control. Similarly, publishers find themselves in a delicate dance, where taking a step to address bid duplication could mean stepping off the revenue stage they’ve grown accustomed to.

In the grand finale of our foray into the world of bid duplication, an odyssey as rich and unpredictable as an episode of “Succession,” we find ourselves at a crossroads of comedy and calamity. Our experts, like seasoned scriptwriters, have delivered their lines with precision, each 190-word insight a cleverly crafted subplot in this digital drama. In the end, what unfolds is not just a tale of technological tangles but a Shakespearean comedy of errors set in the digital age

Bid duplication, much like a “Succession” season cliffhanger, leaves us both bewildered and beguiled. It’s a narrative where DSPs dance a delicate tango with duplicates, publishers play a high-stakes game of chicken, and everyone is a little unsure whether they’re in a tragedy or a farce. As we close the curtains on this series, it’s clear that the world of online advertising, with all its quirks and quandaries, is as ripe for drama as any TV show. And perhaps, in this tale of digital duplicity, the real lesson is that in the adtech world, as in “Succession,” the only predictable element is unpredictability itself.


Pesach Lattin
Pesach Lattin
Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pesach Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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