Pluto TV’s EyeQ: The Future of Holistic Streaming Advertising


Pluto TV is the largest FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) platform globally, with over 80 million monthly active users in the US alone. But what makes Pluto TV stand out from the rest of the streaming services in the Paramount universe is EyeQ, its premium video advertising platform.

EyeQ was created to make it easy for advertisers to buy across the entire Paramount streaming universe. This holistic approach allows Pluto TV to pair paid services like Paramount+ with a FAST like Pluto TV, giving advertisers a very attractive offering.

But for many buyers who have traditionally worked in TV, the word “programmatic” can be intimidating. Christo Owen, SVP, Advertising Business Development & Programmatic at Pluto TV, assures that Pluto TV is doing everything it can to simplify the process for its clients.

“Our goal is to try to normalize everything, to make it simple to understand and simple to buy,” he said. “Ultimately, that’s the goal—to convey that programmatic is not a scary thing, but rather, a simple and straightforward next conversation.”

Creating the tech stack for EyeQ was no easy feat. It took two years to pull together the entire EyeQ tech stack, and it involved combining three different tech stacks into one. But in the end, Pluto TV believes it has the best-in-market tech stack that guarantees the best of TV on streaming, and allows for real-time execution.

One major problem in streaming is overfrequency. But Pluto TV has a centralized brain through EyeQ that allows for multiple lanes to come in together without breakage in terms of overfrequency. By integrating everything together, Pluto TV can control frequency management and user experience.

In the end, Pluto TV’s EyeQ and its commitment to simplifying the programmatic process for clients, creating the best-in-market tech stack, and preventing overfrequency, make it an attractive option for advertisers looking to reach a wide and engaged audience.

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