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The Secret Marketers Keep From You

I value your time and my time so this will be sweet and short.

Real marketers or men don’t drink their own kool-aid.

You’re going to make a hundred campaigns in your life-time,  have to come up with endless angles ads, come out of hundreds of situations as a business man.

The key to coming on top of everything is staying true, humble your ego and grow real confidence that doesn’t depend on dreams you had, a movie you watched, or one campaign. You’ll be respected for it by anyone you encounter. Base yourself on your abilities, power, reach, speed of thought and persistence, character.

Your mind has to be respected, what you can accomplish working, not the image you portray.

Your image will get old quick, powerful people look past image to your very core: your actions on a day to day basis.

If you are tweeting every hour about dealing drugs or having anything to do with them, every real drug dealer knows you don’t, since you’d really want to keep quiet about it, the dumbest example I could give you… it actually happens. The bad guy hides behind a nice guy image, you don’t out yourself.

As you make money you’ll  have a tendency to consider yourself superior to your work,  feel like God gave you some power or whoever is that you worship.

If you don’t, you haven’t made enough money – or have really made  a lot.

History repeats itself, smart men adapt. Don’t drink your own kool-aid, you’ll get blinded and then burned by 3rd party watching.

The 3rd party being anyone  from the FTC noticing your work all over the place, to someone noticing you walk on streets like you live in a different reality, where nothing can really happen to you.

It’s a sign of you being a walking target and sooner or later it will bite you back hard.

The image you portray of yourself may be that of a man above reality talking things that have nothing to do with reality. Like you  killed a few girls or drugged and raped them, I’m sure you’ve read or heard that that at least once.

It will work with needy people, really really low on your desired target, but it’ll kill you in the eyes of big people. It sells yourself cheap and gives the go to the next greedy man to take you out quickly, everyone will say it was expected to happen and blame it on you too, so no glory either of being a victim of your surroundings. You’ll really fall like a rock.

It’s a sign of weakness and being out of touch with real life. It  means you can’t see anything coming your way even if it’s waving at you and saying your name while running naked.

What you do in your everyday life, your mindset and its sharpness will directly affect the outcome of your businesses and everything around you.

Don’t drink your own  kool-aid. The richer you get the realer you have to get to keep your money.

The way to do it is get a few hundred million dollars and start your own charity to look like you’re a good guy. No one will trust a multi millionaire is a good person even if you are.

Rockefeller did it, Bill Gates did it, Warren Buffet did it – you’re no smarter or part of a different world.

The wrong way is making hundreds and starting an instagram calling yourself “lavishcan’ttouchthis“.

An easy example of (rich) men drinking their own kool-aid is how 1000s of russian business men believed in hiding all their money overseas in Cyprus, and nobody will attack the sheep pack hanging out there.

Days before the two digits percentage tax was applied to all of them, getting as much as 40% of all their money, a few of them (the richest) moved their money out of the country.. as you would expect.

I believe nobody saw that party being stopped abruptly.

– The guys that moved their money out had asked the higher ups before about when were they going to tax them all.


Gabriel Zota
Gabriel Zota
Gabriel is a successful 21 year old Entrepreneur both in the affiliate space, and outside the space as a commodities broker. He believes that anyone can work hard in the industry, make money if they just take the right steps and focus on the prize. His personal website:


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