The main goal of this website is clear—to help performance marketers with the latest and best methods to get their jobs done correctly, as well as to inform them of the on goings around the web that relate to their decisions when trying to create successful ad campaigns. Today, I found something that may help performance marketers quite a bit, and I found it in Google’s latest AdWords blog entry entitled, “Introducing The Google Display Network Playbook for Performance Marketers.” The new performance marketing playbook provides performance marketers with 35 pages of fantastic advice regarding Google’s Display Network, of course.

Here is what Google writes on the download page;

Take your marketing to the next level with the Google Display Network and reach customers through all the online touch points that make their day-to-day lives complete – at scale and with efficiency. This playbook guides you through the steps to meet your performance objectives with the following sections:

– Intro to the Google Display Network for performance goals
– Leverage targeting to find your audience
– Use creative as a performance driver
– Take advantage of manual or automated bidding
– Become more savvy with measurement
– Optimize to hit your goals

The playbook is meant to help performance marketers with display ads, from Google in particular. To me, it sort of seems like a way for Google to promote their Display Network, which is not necessarily bad. What better way to support and promote your services than to release an entire playbook on how to use them?

Anyway, in their blog post, Google gives a more clear picture of exactly what is covered in the playbook.

How reach + precision = performance

With 93% reach to US Internet advertisers, and sophisticated technology to find your specific audience, you’re more likely to  reach performance goals at scale.

Performance across all devices and channels

In this always connected, yet fragmented, world, the Google Display Network spans across devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) and channels (social and video) to connect you to your potential customers, wherever they are.

Increasing the holistic value of your campaigns with display

Search and display campaigns complement and reinforce each other. What’s more, tools like remarketing help you re-engage with users that have already shown interest by visiting your site.


Google has always been one to offer some of the best tools for performance marketers to use, but marketing advice is a bit rare. Either way, it seems easy to trust a company like Google with their advice, considering how successful they have been in providing marketers with marketing success. The playbook is already available for download here. It goes in depth describing just how using the Google Display Network could be one of the best decisions you make in your performance marketing career. But, come on. Even without the playbook, Google already has quite a great reputation with performance marketers, and I’m not sure that any of them are questioning the performance that comes of advertising with Google.


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