Three Important Lessons Learned This Week


As we all know, there are a multitude of things vying and literally trying to grab your attention. As much as you try to ignore the clutter and the noise and as amusing as they may be, these things can end up inadvertently taking away from what you could be doing. This has been a very eventful week to say the least and with the barrage of instant messages, FB updates, breaking news blogs, the vibrating of your phone, it’s amazing people get ANY work done these days! For many of us, those so-called distractions are an integral part of our work, they make us who we are and shape our very essence.

It is in observing and partaking in these distractions that I have some takeaways to share and by no means is my intention to offend anyone:

 1) Spamming your offer/product across multiple facebook groups will get me to act – NEVER
We have all seen people and or networks, errr “agencies” who are trying to push a product and I am cool with it as long as it is in your group or even a relevant one. But when I get updates/alerts in my email like 12 times over that will definitely get a reaction out of me and not a pleasant one mind you. I am sure I can use your download product, or make loads of money using your system and even learn a new language in 60 minutes – BUT I will call you, you don’t call me. I mean seriously – if I am a large brand and I see this happening – do you really think I will pm, like or message you? STFU already!

 2) Be a man!
One of the beauty of any social medium and the Internet is you can have or create an identity and others will have absolutely no clue who you are. I am totally cool with that. However, if you are going to call other people out on something, don’t be a pussy, pardon Chad’s last name and do it under a troll account. If you have the balls to talk about it – then back it up like a man. I swear there are “identities” out there that solely exist to talk down and spread BS about others and hey if you can sleep peacefully at night, more power to you. But you know what, Karma is a BITCH in capital letters and it will come back and bite you in the ass.

3) Not all shades of Brown are created equal
I am not even sure where to start in this one – as I commented in another post on PI, for every one step we as a race take forward in this industry – we take two steps back. I think we all know what or who we are talking about (all of the sudden I am in the mood for a soft drink) – but rather than talk about the negatives, I will accentuate on the positive and what’s good about us Browns in this industry. Simply put – Blue Track, Adscend, SAM, Ad Communal and last but not least – yours truly from Affiliate Venture Group. We try to work honestly and ethically and if we do something wrong, we fess up and try to do right by others. So anyone not working with any of us – I now ask you, “What Can Brown Do for You”?

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