Brian Weiss Killed Followup


As a follow-up to the rumors yesterday, online marketer Brian Weiss was killed by his investment partner Gary Zalevsky yesterday. While many the events surrounding the killing have not been revealed, there has been much speculation that Mr. Zalvesky who was already terminally ill with stomach cancer, was upset about investment monies that were lost.

According to many insiders, there was enormous pressure on Mr. Zalvesky to repay investment money that came from outside sources that were affiliated with less that savory characters.

On another note, Performance Marketing Insider spoke to numerous people yesterday who know Mr. Weiss personally, and despite the legal issues surrounding his business, most people described him as an amazing friend, husband and father. They also described a kind man, and said that even after the Acai dealings that almost destroyed his business, he paid back everyone he knew personally — even when his business partners were unable to. We wish his family and friends the best during this difficult time.