Your Affiliate Manager will Make You Money


The relationship you share with your affiliate manager is crucial. It can make or break your career in the performance marketing industry.

Most of the new affiliate marketers don’t know the importance of communicating with their affiliate managers. Let alone building a rock solid relationship with them. What they don’t realize is that their affiliate manager has a ton of insider information that can help them succeed.

You don’t have to keep everything secret and have cut down on your interaction with your affiliate manager. If you can tap into the relationship that you build with your AM overtime, you will be doing much better than your competition.

Ask About the Product Details

It’s important that you know the product you’re promoting. Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to asking more details about the product. While doing your own research is good, your affiliate manager will be aware of details that you won’t find on your own.

In order to target your promotions better, ask about the demographics and the seasonal trends. What are the kind of people buying the product? Knowing the profile of your prospects helps you create better content and fine-tune your landing pages.

Talk About Improvement

Besides asking questions that you already have, you should also talk to your affiliate manager about how you can improve your campaigns. You will get more tips on getting the most out of your efforts.

While your affiliate manager may not give you a complete roadmap, he or she will definitely help you figure out where you’re going wrong and what you should be doing right.

Remember, your affiliate manager’s performance is directly related to yours. So getting dedicated help from your AM shouldn’t be difficult.

Get Your Website Reviewed

Once you’re done creating your website, have your affiliate manager take a look at it. Getting their point of view can give you many more new ideas. Simple things like an error in your copy or browser incompatibility can put up a bad impression on your visitors.

If your affiliate manager wants you to succeed (most do) then he or she will give you suggestions to improve your site. Sometimes they may give you a detailed feedback, sometimes not. Nevertheless, getting your affiliate manager’s insight helps you improve on a consistent basis.

Use the Best Communication Tool

Contacting your affiliate manager at the right time is important. You want to make sure that you get hold of him/her the fastest. There might be situations where immediate attention is required and email isn’t the viable option.

There are a number of ways to establish communication.  But using the best way to communicate with your affiliate manager makes things so much more easier. Find out if your affiliate manager is:

  • Fine with texting
  • Available through instant messaging
  • Okay with connecting through social networking sites

Regardless of what communication tool you count on, make sure you’ve got direct access to your affiliate managers in case of an emergency.

What do you do to get the most out of your affiliate manager? Do let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

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