Five Killer Examples of How to Make Your Facebook Ads Pop!

Besides the overall return on investment from your Facebook Ads campaigns, we can pretty much determine that it’s all about the click! The click through rate of your ad copy will not only bring you more volume, but it will also lower the amount that you actually have to pay per click.

While Facebook Ads gives you the option to choose advertising on a CPC or CPM model, they will eventually end up serving the most advertising the ad campaigns that deliver the highest click through rates, which in the ends results in a higher CPM revenue for Facebook.

Now that you can truly appreciate the value of getting users on Facebook to click, here are five killer ways to make your Facebook Ads stand out from the other five ad spots fighting for your visitors click!

Facebook Ads

Stop Looking at Me!

Nothing is worse than when you are talking to someone and they aren’t looking into your eyes… the same can be said for when you are browsing through Facebook! There’s something about clicking on images of people when they are looking directly at you, or something off that screen that makes it just that more appealing. Play around with a variation of different people in your ad copy and where they are looking, whether that is looking directly into the viewers eyes, or at the text of your ad copy.

facebook-ads.png (PNG Image, 894x669 pixels)

Stock Photos Suck!

Why the heck are stock photo images so expensive… they really perform quite bad when it comes to Facebook advertising. Well, most Facebook Ads users will tell you that people can tell when images are used for “advertising”. Many ad campaigns will see much better results when they user amateur and “real life” pictures in their ad copy.

facebook-ads-examples.jpg (JPEG Image, 845x757 pixels)
Instead of using stock photos, look for realistic photos of real people. Don’t want to look around for images that aren’t your own? Check out, where people will gladly send you pictures or reviews for just $5!
facebook_ads.jpg (JPEG Image, 564x655 pixels)

Targeted Images + Interests = WIN!

This one is just a no brainer… but so many people still forget the basics of marketing. If you are targeting a group of users on Facebook who are interested in a specific topic, shouldn’t you be using images of that same topic in your ad copy! TV shows, movies, celebrities and much more… targeting your audience, while also showing them images of what they are interested in, is a clear winner for a better CTR.

Google Image Result for

Ad Borders for an Increased CTR

We all know that BLUE underlined text links are clicked on more than any other color / text link variation. The same can be said about borders and coloring. For some reason a nice blue border around an image just screams “CLICK ME!”. Throw up a variation of images to use with your ad copy, using different border thickness and colors, and you will be surprised with the difference in overall click through rates.

facebook-ad-board1.png (PNG Image, 600x504 pixels)

What is That Image?!

Want to get your visitors to really click? Give them something that not only grabs their attention, but also makes them wonder at the same time. Instead of posting a clear image in your ad copy, try blurring the image or even blocking out some of the text of key points in the image. You can bet a lot of people will start clicking on your image, looking for a bigger and clear version on your landing page!

facebook-ads-australia.jpg (JPEG Image, 492x472 pixels)

More Facebook Ads Tips and Ad Copies

Oh no… stop outing Facebook Ads and killer click through rate increasing ideas! Honestly, there is nothing to get all upset about. Everything you already need is floating around on Google Images. All of the ad copies shown in this post were found using Google Images and searching for “Facebook Ads”. So what does this mean for you?… it means you should be using Google Images too, so you can find how other marketers are getting creative with their ad campaigns and how you can do the same.

Disclaimer: Be careful, just because you find images on Google Images, it doesn’t mean they are free for you to use, or that your advertiser wants them used in their ad promotions. Always check with your affiliate managers and advertisers first!

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