Content Marketing for Businesses 2012


Publish or vanish. The New Year will be bringing with it an understanding of the necessary shift that is critical for businesses. Becoming an internet publisher will become top priority and will bypass website creation.

What Does This Mean?

By using content marketing, a business provides high quality information for the customer and in return, the business gets their attention.

Marketing is all about getting the attention of the customer and keeping that attention.

Content Marketing Institute says that 93% of professional marketers have already created or are in the process of creating content marketing as a large part of their programs for 2012.

The shift from advertising in print to using social media is becoming highly important to success. Social media channels, videos, and blogs are in and newspaper ads and brochures are on their way out. Websites are static in nature.

How to Create Content Marketing

Create content that is entertaining and informative to grab attention. A company needs to ensure it is meeting this standard.

Develop some editorial high standards for every material produced, including videos, social media channels, and blogs.

Be an ‘expert’ in everything to do with your content.

Focus on topics rather than focusing on your business. Customers like to learn about things and people, not a company. When you succeed, the customer will return when they need your service or product.

Be patient. Building a community takes time and consistency in quality.

Videos and blogs have seen the highest jump this past year, as a business-to-business marketing tool. Over the past two years, there has been a significant drop in marketing through magazines and newsletters.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the marketing tools for content in 2011 were:

– 79% posting articles
– 74% in social media, minus blogs
– 65% for blogs
– 63% in e-newsletters
– 58% in case studies
– 56% for in-person events
– 52% in video
– 51% for white papers

The hottest trend now is content marketing, but it takes resources and much thought to create it right. It was only a few years ago that having a website was necessary, now organizations and companies must focus on internet publishing for success.

This is now the world in which the choice is either, to publish or vanish.

What's your opinion?