At CPATrend, we pride ourselves on our industry best customer support. When you become an affiliate of CPATrend, you will be given your Account Manager’s direct phone line, instant messenger handles, email, skype, and even cell phone number! We work dilligently and around the clock to help you maximize your revenue and profits. CPATrend is also home to some of the top performing, highest paying offers in the industry. We are extremely focuses in the following niches: Dating, Gaming, Bizopps, EDU, Health, eCigs, as well as others! We focus heavily on lead generation, CPA offers.

What else will you get from CPATrend? We will treat you like a person or company with individual needs. We are people as well, and will cater to your individual needs as best we can. Most of our affiliates are paying for traffic, and we are happy to adjust payment terms quickly for publishers who require better cash flow, or for any publishers with high quality traffic!

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