In a pivotal move signaling Audi of America’s determination to navigate the ever-evolving automotive landscape, the luxury automaker announced the establishment of a groundbreaking brand marketing team. Leading this visionary endeavor is the seasoned Emilie Cotter, who has been appointed as the Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, holding the esteemed title of Chief Marketing Officer.

This strategic restructuring is set to harness the power of integration, aligning brand strategy, marketing efforts, and external communications with a singular aim: to accelerate growth and propel consumers toward an electrifying automotive future.

As Daniel Weissland, the President of Audi of America, aptly pointed out, “This restructure comes at a critical inflection point in the U.S. for Audi and the automotive industry.” In an era characterized by unprecedented shifts in consumer preferences, environmental consciousness, and technological advancements, Audi recognizes the urgency of its mission. Under Cotter’s astute leadership, the company aims to craft innovative brand strategies, foster enhanced collaboration, and maintain an unwavering focus on the customer as they pursue their ambitious growth trajectory.

Emilie Cotter’s appointment as the steward of this groundbreaking initiative is emblematic of her exceptional track record, spanning more than two and a half decades. Her journey has seen her lead brands through radical transformations across a multitude of industries, including media, entertainment, technology, and retail. Prior to her current role, Cotter joined Audi of America in 2020, where she served as the Chief Communications Officer, responsible for overseeing brand, lifestyle, product, and corporate communications. Her career’s diverse tapestry also includes serving as the Chief Brand Officer for Marketplace, a prestigious role at FleishmanHillard as SVP and Partner, and the position of Head of Corporate and Brand Communication for Lucasfilm, Ltd.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication, Emilie Cotter brings not only a wealth of experience but also a deep well of knowledge and insight to her new role. In her own words, she reflects on her journey, stating, “I’ve been leading brands through transformation – in media, entertainment, technology and retail – for more than 25 years. From Star Wars to public media, my specialty is building teams that embrace change and make powerful connections between purpose, values and products to unlock business impact.”

One can’t help but be inspired by Cotter’s steadfast commitment to meaningful change. She elaborates, “In my experience across industries and brands, I’ve found that meaningful change requires curiosity, care, and collaboration. My focus is sustainable acceleration – moving at speed and scale while supporting the people who power the work.”

Indeed, Audi is currently in the midst of a colossal transformation, as it navigates the intricacies of an industry undergoing seismic shifts. Cotter encapsulates the significance of this momentous period, affirming, “At Audi, we’re in the middle of a massive transformation. The industry is evolving like never before, and so is the way we manage our business. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Emilie Cotter’s leadership promises to be a driving force behind Audi’s journey into this electrifying future. As she spearheads the brand marketing team, one can’t help but anticipate Audi’s future with a sense of excitement, eager to witness the innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity that will define this transformative era for one of the world’s most renowned automotive brands.

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