Amidst a period of significant transformation, Rite Aid has taken a definitive step towards solidifying its customer-focused innovation strategy by appointing Jeanniey Walden as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Walden, who had been serving in an interim capacity since March 2023, brings a wealth of experience to this pivotal role, signaling Rite Aid’s commitment to enhancing its customer experience and reinvigorating its market presence.

Walden’s career trajectory is a testament to her trailblazing approach and impactful contributions across diverse industries. Before joining Rite Aid, she held the position of Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay, where she collaborated with retail giants like Target, Dollar Tree, and Kroger to reshape the omnichannel customer journey.

Her influence has also extended to prominent names such as Barnes & Noble, Mercer, Ogilvy, and JCPenney, where her visionary leadership consistently translated into enhanced market positioning and customer satisfaction.

Rite Aid’s executive landscape has witnessed several changes in recent times, including the departure of Justin Mennen, former Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer, and Andre Persaud, former Chief Retail Officer. Additionally, Paul Gilbert, former Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Secretary, communicated his intention to explore new opportunities.

In the midst of these shifts, Rite Aid’s decision to formalize Walden’s interim role speaks volumes about the company’s resilience and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Aligned with Rite Aid’s overarching vision, Walden’s permanent appointment is expected to spearhead the company’s pursuit of revolutionary advancements in health and wellness. As Busy Burr, Rite Aid’s interim CEO, underscores, “Jeanniey will lead the charge to strengthen and enhance the ways we conveniently meet our customers’ changing needs, helping us further our mission to provide whole health for life.”

In line with this mission, Walden’s responsibilities will encompass executing the company’s growth strategy with a focus on creating meaningful interactions for customers, clients, and members. Moreover, she will play a pivotal role in the expansion of Rite Aid’s renowned ice cream brand, Thrifty, reinforcing the company’s role as a trusted neighborhood health and wellness destination.

Walden’s personal perspective on her new role emphasizes Rite Aid’s commitment to holistic well-being. “As the neighborhood health and wellness destination, we’re proud to meet all of our customers’ needs—whether they are picking up a prescription, stocking up on essentials for the whole family, or treating themselves to our iconic Thrifty ice cream. Our commitment to improving health outcomes and helping our communities thrive remains paramount,” she shares.

With Walden’s strategic insight, innovative prowess, and dedication to community welfare, she emerges as a transformative force driving Rite Aid’s journey towards excellence.

Rite Aid’s appointment of Jeanniey Walden as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer signifies the company’s renewed commitment to customer-centric growth and innovation. Walden’s illustrious career, spanning influential corporations and pioneering startups, positions her as an ideal leader to steer Rite Aid toward an era of enhanced customer experiences and market prominence.

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