In the heart of Campbell, California, a charged energy crackles through the air as the electric vehicle (EV) revolution picks up speed. ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), the eminent purveyor of interconnected EV charging hardware and software solutions, has just unveiled a new face in its lineup. Sherice Torres, a marketing maestro with a resumé that reads like a visionary’s playbook, has taken the helm as Chief Marketing Officer, igniting expectations for an electrifying chapter in the EV saga.

Pasquale Romano, the visionary orchestrator at the helm of ChargePoint, extols the company’s prolific 15-year tenure as an industry vanguard: “Over the last 15 years ChargePoint has firmly established itself as a leader in the charging market.” Yet, with the EV realm now poised on the precipice of exponential growth, Romano heralds Torres as the dynamic conductor who will orchestrate a symphony of global marketing, bridging the chasm between traditional transportation and the electric era through resonant communication and insightful education.

Torres herself emerges from a labyrinth of game-changing roles: a former Chief Marketing Officer at Circle, a financial tech colossus; a trailblazer in the financial services sphere, steering the ship at Novi, the financial services division of Facebook. Her past is embroidered with tenures at the titanic Google, where her expertise spanned realms as diverse as Google Pay, sustainability, and crisis response. Not to be overshadowed, her prior voyage through Nickelodeon’s executive corridors laid the groundwork for her magnetic leadership, spanning realms from consumer products to digital domains.

With academic accolades that include a magna cum laude distinction from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Torres embodies a seismic amalgamation of experience, ambition, and intellect. But beyond the conference rooms and boardrooms, she champions a transformative spirit. As a mother of two, she carries a fervor for overhauling public education and catalyzing opportunities for women and people of color. Torres’ affiliations span realms as diverse as the Executive Leadership Council, an empowering entity for Black executives, and Breakthrough Silicon Valley, a beacon of hope for first-generation college aspirants.

“I look forward to leading the marketing organization through the company’s next phase of growth, and applying myself as well as my experience to a more sustainable future of transportation,” Torres enthuses, her voice a beacon of passion amidst the roaring currents of change.

Amidst this electrified panorama, Torres steps onto the stage at ChargePoint, a virtuoso poised to compose an opus of innovation and sustainability. The curtains rise on this new act, where Sherice Torres, the magus of marketing, takes center stage. To witness the symphony of EV charging hardware and software solutions crafted by ChargePoint, visit, and brace for a journey into the boundless realm of electrified possibilities.

This is not just a company announcement. This is the heralding of an era – an era of EV ascension, guided by a visionary at the helm. Sherice Torres, the orchestrator of change, starts her journey today.

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