Adeptia, a leading provider of B2B data integration and business data exchange solutions, has announced the appointment of Joanna Schloss as their new Chief Marketing Officer. With this strategic move, Adeptia aims to accelerate its rapid growth and enhance its go-to-market strategy, focusing on product innovation, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

Joanna Schloss brings with her extensive expertise in data integration, big data analytics, and business intelligence. Throughout her 25-year career, she has successfully launched a wide range of products catering to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Adeptia, Schloss served as a key figure at Smartbear, where she led various teams responsible for product marketing, analyst relations, marketplace, and open-source initiatives. Her previous experience also includes over four years as part of a Dell Center of Excellence, where she specialized in data and information management, offering effective solutions to clients seeking to convert data into valuable insights.

Vance Loiselle, the CEO of Adeptia, expressed his confidence in Schloss, stating that her track record of driving growth for enterprise SaaS businesses aligns perfectly with the company’s plans for expansion. Adeptia aims to achieve new heights through product innovation and the expansion of its salesforce, making Schloss’s marketing skills and strategic vision crucial for their continued success.

Excited about her new role, Joanna Schloss highlighted her passion for technology and collaboration. She expressed her eagerness to work closely with customers and colleagues to bring game-changing innovations to the market.

Schloss emphasized that Adeptia’s ability to build powerful products that effectively solve real business problems has been a key driver for customer loyalty. She is thrilled to join Adeptia and aims to lead a world-class marketing team that will propel the company’s growth strategy while promoting their message to a wider audience.

When asked about her career path, Schloss shared the story of her first job as an engineering consultant, where she discovered her love for working with customers and utilizing data and analysis to provide insights. She further discussed her early experiences with startups, big data, and analytics, as well as her passion for helping customers share their success stories.

Reflecting on her time at SmartBear, her former employer Schloss recounted an interesting anecdote about starting her job amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She described the challenges faced by both herself and her colleagues as they transitioned to remote work. Despite the hurdles, she found the experience to be memorable and an opportunity for growth.

Recognizing the importance of mentorship, Schloss expressed gratitude towards her friend and mentor, JW. She credited him for believing in her abilities and pushing her to become a thought leader in the analytics and big data space. With his encouragement, Schloss achieved early success and has since continued to make significant contributions in her field.

Schloss’s appointment as Chief Marketing Officer aligns with Adeptia’s pursuit of transformational growth. Following a strategic growth investment of $65 million by PSG in March 2023, Adeptia aims to drive software innovation, enhance customer success, and expand its market adoption.

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