In today’s fast-paced digital world, programmatic advertising is the backbone of modern marketing. However, as the online advertising industry continues to grow, so does the impact it has on the environment. In response to this challenge, MiQ, a leading global programmatic media partner, has partnered with SeenThis, a groundbreaking streaming tech provider, to tackle the pollution caused by online media delivery.

By utilizing adaptive streaming technology, SeenThis delivers high-quality creative content with less data waste, significantly reducing the associated carbon emissions. In fact, the partnership has already achieved impressive results, with click-through rates performing 2x better than standard display, and clients saving nearly 85K KG of CO2e to date.

“This partnership is an essential step towards a greener ad ecosystem,” says Chris Lehman, Global Head of Creative at MiQ. “We are fully dedicated to identifying and actioning new ways to address the sustainability needs of the industry. Optimizing and future-proofing the creative that clients use seemed like a natural next step in this continued progression.”

MiQ’s commitment to sustainability is further highlighted by its use of Scope3 and MiQ’s Green Score to measure, reduce, and benchmark carbon emissions across the supply chain.

The benefits of this partnership extend beyond the environment, as SeenThis and MiQ’s collaboration enables the development of new streamed formats and expands their offering into other channels beyond display. With billions of streams served for over 1,000 brands in 40+ countries, SeenThis is on a mission to reshape the internet for good.

Thomas Houge, CCO at SeenThis, says, “The combination of our innovative creative technology with MiQ’s robust sustainability offering creates something completely new in the market. We’re eager and ready to facilitate this success for others across the globe and excited to collaborate with MiQ on additional advances this year and beyond.”

In a world where sustainability is more critical than ever, this partnership is a step in the right direction towards creating a greener and more eco-conscious advertising industry.

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