Meet Mary Gilbert, a trailblazer in the B2B marketing industry with almost 30 years of experience under her belt. As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Folloze, a buyer experience platform that helps marketers build personal relationships at scale, Mary has become an expert in leading digital transformation and navigating the ever-changing market landscape. Throughout her career, Mary has worked with big-name global brands like Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel, as well as start-ups and scale-ups in diverse industries such as cybersecurity, healthcare, and future of work technologies.

Mary’s journey as a B2B marketer has been an exciting one, filled with challenges that she has consistently risen to. As a pioneer in shaping the discipline, Mary has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in B2B marketing and created inroads for the next wave of marketing progress.

Since joining Folloze, Mary has been focused on building a team that is known for best practices in account-based marketing (ABM) and demand generation. She believes that building personal relationships at scale is crucial for marketers to succeed in today’s dynamic markets. In her role as CMO, Mary is dedicated to empowering her team with the right data to deliver delightfully engaging buyer experiences across the entire customer journey.

To align her team on priorities and gain more “quick wins,” Mary is focused on three key things:

  1. Ensure that leaders are aligned and leading across a connected organization with trust as their north star.
  2. Make sure everyone in the business can tell a clear and compelling story of the brand, and the teams can bring it to life across products, customers, and stakeholders.
  3. Ensure that marketing and sales are working together to drive a connected experience for buyers and customers.
  4. Mary’s advice for first-time CMOs is to stay curious and be willing to ask a lot of questions. As a new CMO, there is always something to learn, and it’s crucial to understand the business, the market, and the customers better continually.

Looking towards the future of martech and B2B marketing, Mary predicts that marketers will focus even more on personalization and the buyer experience. With the help of AI and machine learning, marketers will be able to deliver more relevant and engaging experiences to buyers at scale. Mary also anticipates the rise of new channels like voice and augmented reality, which will create exciting new opportunities for marketers to connect with their audiences.

As regulations like GDPR and CCPA continue to evolve, Mary emphasizes the importance of data privacy and security in the martech and B2B marketing landscape. She believes that marketers need to be transparent and authentic in their communication with customers to build trust and credibility.

Mary Gilbert is a force to be reckoned with in the B2B marketing world, with her innovative ideas and expertise helping to shape the future of martech and B2B marketing. Her priorities for Folloze are aligned with building a team that delivers best practices in ABM and demand generation, meeting their numbers in a challenging market, and getting to know their customers. With Mary at the helm, Folloze is poised for continued success and growth in the years to come.

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