Benjamin De Castro is a seasoned marketing executive with experience in various industries, including financial services, eBooks, and now, photo books. He recently joined Mixbook, a photo book brand, as the Chief Marketing Officer. De Castro believes that his expertise lies in companies and products that have an emotional backbone, which is why he was drawn to Mixbook. The company’s mission is to help people connect with the ones they love, which is a concept that resonates with De Castro.

Essentially, he aims to grow Mixbook, a category that is growing every year as people take more photos than ever. However, these photos are often trapped in devices and not experienced physically. Mixbook offers customers the chance to experience their photos again in a physical product, whether that’s a photo book, card, or calendar.

De Castro’s role is to get that message across to customers and differentiate Mixbook in a market that is becoming commoditized. He plans to use Mixbook’s strengths, such as the best editor software in the industry and the most and best creative options, to reach and engage customers across different segments, from Gen Zs to Boomers.

De Castro’s career has spanned several brands, including ING Direct and Kobo, where he led marketing efforts. He believes that his experience in these different industries has helped shape his perspective in his current role. For instance, at ING Direct, a financial services company, he learned how to market a brand with an emotional backbone, whereas at Kobo, an eBook company, he learned how to market a brand that relied on storytelling.

De Castro is also keen on the culture at Mixbook. He describes it as an environment where every opinion counts, and trust and accountability are at a high level. The culture has resulted in a fun and engaging workplace with high retention rates.

As De Castro aims to grow Mixbook, he recognizes the need to differentiate the brand in a market where competitors like Shutterfly offer deals all the time. He plans to find solutions to stand out from the competition and reach new customers. Additionally, he aims to leverage Mixbook’s strengths to drive engagement and retention.

One way Mixbook plans to differentiate itself is through its editor software, which is considered the best in the industry. Mixbook has won multiple awards for its software, and the company plans to leverage this strength in its marketing efforts. Additionally, Mixbook is working on new creative options to offer its customers, making it easier for them to create photo books and other products.

To reach customers across different segments, Mixbook plans to target those who recognize the value of physical products and want to relive the moments captured in their photos. De Castro recognizes that photos have further meaning beyond being trapped in devices, and he aims to help customers unleash the joy in their photos.

Overall, Benjamin De Castro’s role at Mixbook is to drive growth and differentiation in a market that is becoming increasingly commoditized. He plans to use his experience in emotional branding and storytelling to connect with customers across different segments and leverage Mixbook’s strengths to drive engagement and retention. With De Castro’s leadership, Mixbook is poised for growth and continued success in the photo book market.

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