Kessler Group is now Onboard Partners


The Kessler Group is getting a new name.

As of today, the company has rebranded to Onboard Partners. While keeping their 40 years of history and deep expertise in financial markets, the new name speaks to the evolution of the business.

The rebrand coincides with a purchase of the company. The management team has partnered with Stone Point Capital to purchase the company from ECN Capital who acquired the company in 2018. Stone Point is a private equity firm with over $25 billion in capital invested and 20+ years of investment experience with a sole focus on the financial services space. Stone Point partners with management teams that it believes are best-in-class and provides capital to support their growth.

The new name reflects the company’s role not only as advisors and operators, but as collaborators who work alongside their clients and invest in their growth. Onboard Partners is rooted in acting as trusted allies and navigators to its clients, crafting opportunities and solutions that drive impactful, lasting value. Cementing “Partners” as part of its brand demonstrates its shared commitment to success with, and investment in its clients

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