I want to sometimes introduce technologies that many CMOs and marketers may not know or use in their advertising mix. I’ve found that Pay-Per-Call is one of those technologies that seems to be used by many people, and then ignored by others. Instead of writing another article about how Musk is destroying Twitter for advertisers, I decided to have a little fun and introduce you to pay-per-call in a different way

The Walking Dead is a popular TV show that follows the life of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. They have to fight off zombies in order to stay alive, just like advertisers do when it comes to pay-per-call. But what exactly is pay-per-call?

Well, it’s kind of like a zombie—it won’t die anytime soon! In fact, it’s much more than that: it has evolved over time and will continue evolving into one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses that want to reach people on their phones.

Pay Per Call Is Still Alive and Well
If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, you know that even when it seems like everything is lost and there’s no hope left, people will still fight.

In the same way, pay-per-call advertising is still alive and well—it just looks different than it used to. 

In the past, pay-per-call was really just another form of telemarketing. You’d have a script and then someone who would call people on the phone with it—but now things are different!

Now, pay-per-call advertising is more like marketing automation than anything else. With it, you can reach out to customers through many different channels all at once. This means you can use chatbots to talk to people who visit your website; you can send push notifications to people who have downloaded your app; and so much more!

Pay-per-call is not the same game it used to be. It’s changed, just like a human turns into a Zombie. The old ways of paying for calls are still around, but they’ve been joined by a new wave of exciting opportunities that can make you more money than ever before, not leaving you hungry.

Pay Per Call Mobile Will Take Your Marketing to the Next Level 
Mobile is the future of pay-per-call, and it’s already here. I’ve seen a growing number of marketers using mobile devices to make calls—and that number is only going to grow as more people become accustomed to using their smartphones and tablets as part of their daily routine.

As marketers, we need to keep up with these changes and figure out how to take advantage of them. Mobile pay-per-call is a huge opportunity for you to reach new customers and make more money than ever before.

With mobile-friendly tech, anyone can log into their account on any device at any time and make a call.

This means that you’ll be able to use your smartphone or tablet to make calls with just a few taps. In fact, some of our customers have told us they prefer making calls from these devices because they’re easier than using traditional desk phones or landlines! You can also access our platform through your computer browser (such as Chrome) if you don’t have access to another device.

Whether it’s Google Voice calling or Skype calling—or even just text messaging—if there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Walking Dead? It’s this: keep moving forward!

Pay-Per-Call Will Soon Be on Top of Digital Marketing
You’re probably wondering, “what does this have to do with the walking dead?”

Well, the pay-per-call industry is growing, and it’s going to be bigger than ever in the future.

Just like Zombies will be at the top of the food chain.

Also, just like how new technology has helped zombies become more intelligent, digital marketing has allowed more people to get their hands on Pay Per Call Advertising.

This means that the world of Pay Per Call is going to be bigger than ever before. It’s not just going to be a good way for businesses to make money; it’s also going to help them get more customers and clients. Pay-per-call will soon be on top of digital marketing because it works so well.

Pay Per Call is one way that businesses can leverage these statistics and reach new customers online. The cost-effective advertising option allows them the chance at revenue growth while also providing transparency into where those clicks are coming from – something that wasn’t always possible before now!

You Can Get a Quick Start with Pay-Per-Call
Pay-Per-Call is like the Walking Dead because it’s easy to get started.

Anyone can become a Zombie.

This is a low-cost, no-hassle marketing tactic that can help you quickly test the waters and see if your Pay Per Call campaign is right for you. You don’t need a website or any digital marketing experience to implement this strategy either!

Ever seen a zombie with a website?

This is a great way to find out if your product or service is in demand without having to spend a lot of time or money on it first.

Pay Per Call is Highly Targeted
You might be surprised to learn that pay-per-call is a lot like the Walking Dead. Both are highly targeted, and both have a knack for sniffing out humans.

In fact, pay-per-call is one of the most targeted forms of advertising. That’s because you can target your ads to specific demographics and locations in real-time—just like a zombie smells humans from afar. You can also target by gender, age group, and even based on keywords related to your product or service (if that’s what you sell).

But don’t worry about being eaten alive by remote prospects: when people call your number after seeing an ad on Google search results or Facebook news feeds as well as other channels where they aren’t always paying attention (like websites), they want something from you!

Always Experiment with Different IVRs
As a business owner, you often get the feeling that you’re in a zombie apocalypse when it comes to your PPC campaign.

It seems like every week, someone new is trying to eat your brain (or wallet). If someone is trying to take your money, you should be doing everything in your power to get it back. And this includes testing different IVRs (interactive voice response systems) and making sure that people can easily understand what you’re saying when they call your number.

But what if there was some way for you to not only survive this terrifying new world but also thrive? Well, there is! You just need to think like a survivor from The Walking Dead and experiment with different IVRs, keywords and ad copy until you find something that works.

And if one thing doesn’t work or performs poorly? Well then try another thing! Otherwise, you’ll get eaten. And that’s not good.

Consumers Can Get Quick Access to Information Through Calls! (Even in Times of Disaster)Think of pay-per-call as an easy, one-stop shop for all your needs. Think of it as a blood bank. Do you want a blood transfusion? You’ve got it! Do you want to know how much blood you need? Got that too!

But what if you’re in a situation where you can’t get out and access those services? Maybe you’re stuck at home and feeling ill, or maybe there’s some sort of disaster going on around you. With pay-per-call, that’s not an issue because the information is accessible online—even if there are no stores open nearby.

You don’t have to worry about being stuck without access to vital information during natural disasters either; with pay-per-call numbers available 24/7/365, it’s possible for people in need of help (or answers) to reach out quickly.

Advertisers Can Speak to Qualified Leads in Real-Time (This One IS a Big Deal!) Zombies are always in real time

While there are plenty of ways that pay-per-call is like the Walking Dead, one of the most exciting is also one of the most obvious: It allows advertisers to speak with qualified leads in real time. Zombies are always in real-time. Does this make sense? We don’t care. We just thought it was funny.

The point is that pay-per-call is a real-time advertising medium, and this has several important implications for advertisers. For one thing, it means that you can get your message to people who are most likely to respond…right now!

More importantly, though, the fact that you’re speaking with potential customers in real-time means that you can tailor your approach based on what they say and do.

Imagine being able to reach out to a potential customer within seconds of hearing their name mentioned on social media or in a news article. Imagine being able to bring them into your sales funnel right away, instead of having to wait days or weeks until they go through your website and then maybe get back in touch with you.

That’s what pay-per-call allows you to do!

While it may seem like a small thing, this kind of instant gratification can make all the difference when it comes time for closing deals and making sales!

Pay-per-call is also similar to the Walking Dead in that it allows advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience. Zombies are incredibly engaged, as they have nothing better to do than hunt humans (and eat their brains). You can’t really blame them for being so focused; after all, they only have one goal in life: Survival!

Now, you know how pay-per-call is like the Walking Dead. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this being a short-term trend. There are plenty of companies still using pay-per-call for their business, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, it will only get more powerful as technology advances and consumers continue to rely on mobile devices for everything from making calls to ordering food delivery!

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