The newest member of the TikTok team is a veteran of the tech world with a lot to prove.

Kate Jhaveri has joined TikTok as its new global head of marketing. In her role, she will oversee both consumer and brand marketing for the company. She previously worked with Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Dell.

Jhaveri’s most recent position was as the chief marketing officer for the NBA, where she spent three years before leaving in January 2022. In her time at Twitter between 2013 and 2016, she served as Head of Consumer Marketing. Before that, she was Director of Brand and Mobile Marketing at Facebook. Her first job in tech was with Microsoft in 2004 as an account manager; later on she worked in Apple’s retail stores before getting into marketing full-time in 2006 when she joined Dell as a brand manager.

When she was young, Kate always had a book in her hands. “The ability to tell stories and move people with words and images is something that started with me very young,” she says.

“I thought about parlaying that love of stories into becoming a college professor, but my father encouraged me to try something new before committing to that path.”

Jhaveri says that she has always “been fascinated to see what drives different communities and their behaviors and how they engage,” which she will have a lot of time to do while working on TikTok.

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