One of the main e-commerce trends in 2017 was cross-border. Everyone takes it’s part in it – from the giants of online to small shops where craftsmen set their handicrafts for sale.

admitad, as a global CPA-network, is a hub capable of uniting sellers and buyers from all over the world. The company has everything for this: top advertisers, tens of thousands of quality publishers, customizable tools and support that can help by communicating in your language.

A vivid example of successful work in the global market is the activity of Chinese online stores. This year, only with the help of admitad local business will receive about 500 million dollars. At the same time, the CPA tool is one of the most effective for the promotion of goods. So, the ROI for Chinese stores amounted 10 to 1 in 2017.

First things first. Here are the 2017 totals for the Chinese malls.

And these are the regional shares for the China online malls revenue. In Europe, top states are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

Some amusing facts from the research proving that China e-commerce is definitely global.

And something for the future… Someone will see just the results for Africa here, but admitad observes opportunities for the local business and usual customers. China experience confirms, that CPA is one of the top drivers, that boosts sales locally and in global perspective.

*All the data and figures above based on research by admitad analytics.


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