There are already big networks existing in the affiliate marketing industry like Google affiliate network, Rakuten Affiliate NetworkAdmitadShareASaleCJ Affiliate by ConversantAwin, etc. But what about others? You can find a great deal of different top affiliate networks on the web with their affiliate programs & different payment models, including CPA (cost-per-acquisition), CPL (cost-per-lead), CPS (cost-per-sale), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-1k impressions). Here are a few affiliate marketing tactics to bring you maximum ROI and lead to better monetization.

Traffic/ network- First and foremost, you’d better choose a suitable affiliate network. Figuring out this question is not daunting as searching through billions of Google result regarding affiliate marketing companies.  Ask the ad network to provide you with a list of merchants like yours and why they are successful in the affiliate marketing website. Probably you don’t want to join the same affiliate network like your biggest competitors, that’s  why you should know what categories of merchants perform their best within the affiliate marketing network.

Neither rely on a single traffic source nor join a lot of networks that might confuse you. Try to sign up with a global affiliate network like (follow admitad to learn more about global affiliate marketing benefits)

Pricing Models- After choosing the most suitable network for your targeted audience, now it’s high time to select your advertising pricing model (CPL, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPS, CPI). For this purpose, try to answer the following questions: which models the network is based on, which model preferable among the affiliates to work with. ‘Remember to spend smart, earn smart’.

Optimization phase – When you are exactly what network and model you will be dealing with,  now it’s time to evaluate/ track the results.  Tracking of broken links, clicks, visits, impressions, traffic sources etc are the key factors in performance marketing. Try to always rely on ad network who have their own tracking technology. Ad networks like Admitad with their in-house tracking platform are always supportive and suggestive.

Validation & attribution: – Validation is the progress report of the campaign through which you can observe that how many conversions get validated/approved out of the total number of conversions. If your approval rate is high that means you delivered the good traffic with correct target audience else you must rework.

Attribution is nothing but the benchmark to prove your validation great. It’s better to set some action that will contribute to desired outcomes. By setting some attribution models, chances of getting higher validation rate is expected. It is beneficial for both the advertiser and the publisher; for the advertiser, they will get the less no of fraud sales/canceled orders, for a publisher, you will get the higher amount according to your traffic and your traffic will not get wasted.

Brand Safety: Unfortunately, affiliate fraud is something that continues to be at the forefront of the performance marketing industry. So, ask your network about their affiliate fraud monitoring, its policy and their tools to minimize ad frauds. Learn more about admitad tools, including ad fraud prevention.

A strong understanding of how publishers, agencies, networks, technology partners, and clients in the digital marketing industry, can collaborate to get the best result is a demonstration of a good affiliate marketer.  The amount of time spent in is always important than the amount of advertisement; Quality is always better than quantity. To learn about affiliate marketing and ad networks follow the admitad blog.

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