Friday, December 8, 2023

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The CPA Performance Marketing Agency?

Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider talks with April Pfender, Senior Affiliate Manager for Phreshclick, Engage:BDR’s CPA agency. In this interview at Affiliate Summit East in New York City, find out what April does at Phreshclick, why the term “affiliate” can be confusing sometimes and what Phreshclick offers to affiliates that other CPA networks don’t. Also hear about April‘s experience in the CPA industry, what assistance she offers to affiliates with their agency, and how you can sign up as a publisher.

Heather Vale
Heather Vale
Heather Vale is a seasoned journalist, writer and interviewer known as The Unwrapper™. For more than 20 years she has worked in all media: TV, radio, print and online. She began interviewing on the internet for the first time in 1998, and for the second time in 2005. Many of the sites she has founded revolve around her branding concept “Unwrapped” — which is about metaphorically peeling back the layers of the onion to get to the core truth in any topic.

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