SAN FRANCISCO Aug 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Skimlinks today announced that it will automatically rewrite old iTunes affiliate links to their new affiliate format, so that publishers won’t be affected as iTunes takes their affiliate program inhouse.

This feature will be built into the preexisting Skimlinks’ javascript and APIs so current publishers do not need to do any additional work. iTunes recently announced that they will be taking their affiliate program inhouse via PHG’s platform starting October 1st for publishers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Publishers in these areas will be left with broken links, unless they sign up for the new iTunes affiliate program and manually change all of their old links, or use Skimlinks. iTunes is continuing to use TradeDoubler to track affiliated downloads for publishers in Europe and South America. Publishers who do not use Skimlinks will need to set up a new affiliate account with Apple and update all of their existing links by October 1st in order to continue earning commissions.

Publishers who are not currently Skimlinks users can sign up for Skimlinks to immediately take advantage of the rewrite feature. This is a similar feature to what Skimlinks recently released to help publishers affected by the closure of the Google Affiliate Network. “Skimlinks publishers have come to rely on us for an exceptional affiliate experience, and so we take it on ourselves to innovate, building products and tools that make their lives easier” said Jen Langdon, VP of Engineering at Skimlinks. “As the leader in the space, we proactively build solutions that ensure publishers don’t miss out on revenue.”

About Skimlinks: Founded in 2007, Skimlinks is the leading content monetization platform that rewards publishers for the role their content plays in creating purchase intent. Skimlinks processes 300 million clicks a month on over 140,000 sites around the web, including Conde Nast, Gawker, AOL Europe, WordPress, Hearst Digital, Haymarket Consumer Media, Telegraph Media Group, and many more. Skimlinks is a team of 55 with offices in London, San Francisco, and New York.

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