14 Day Free Trial for Email Marketing Program

VoloMP, a leader within the affiliate marketing mailing industry that specializes in high-volume email deployment, is offering a 14-day free trial to marketers who have never used VoloMP before. The window of time to grab this offer is limited –valid until July 1st, 2013.

“I urge folks to take Volo for a test spin. We work very hard to make mailing at this level accessible and because VoloMP is fully customizable, we see great results for both experienced and newer mailers,” says Chris Doyle head of client relations for VoloMP. “The key is to have a strong enough list of email records. As long as you maintain good IP reputation and follow smart list hygiene practices Volo will serve you well. We’ve seen clients go from making few dollars a drop to thousands within 4 to 6 months.”

Being able to customize the Volo platform to your needs means that those newer to email marketing can start off with the default settings and still be successful. And those who are more experienced can simply reconfigure what is already available to match specific mailing requirements. No need to re-invent the bulk mailing wheel or spend valuable time and money building a mailing platform from the ground up.

Different from a traditional ESP (email service provider), the Volo mailing platform requires users to obtain their own IPs and hosting. This means greater responsibility on the part of senders but, also greater freedom in terms of mailing volume. VoloMP prides itself on being intuitive, feature rich and suitable for everyone who wants to send marketing messages to a mass audience as efficiently and affordably as possible.

VoloMP offers three licensing options which are based on how fast you want to send. The options are broken down into: 50K sent per hour, 250k sent per hour, and unlimited. If you are new to bulk mailing it is recommended that you start with the smallest tier, increasing your sending quantity from there.

To get started with Volo you need to obtain your own set of IPs and hosting server. If you are unsure as to how or where get that, the folks at Volo are happy to assist you. They can recommend various vendors. You can learn more about VoloMP and about bulk mailing in general by checking out the company website or blog http://www.volomp.com/index.php?page=7&item=40.

Many new Volo clients have had great success by simply using VoloMP to integrate with AdKnowledge’s world-class behavioral targeting technology, AdStation. Instead of allocating time to hunting down and testing offers, just partner with AdStation. It chooses the best converting offers for your list, automatically and with absolutely astounding results.

For more information or to schedule a demo email to chris(AT)volomp(DOT)com. For interview requests please email ellie(AT)volomp(DOT)com.


About VoloMP:

VoloMP, having been in the mailing business since 1999, is a pioneer in high-volume email deployment. A dedicated team of developers is constantly updating and improving the platform to respond to customer feedback and the ever increasing challenges of stricter ISP filter set-ups.

The development and support team operate out of Belgrade, Serbia, the sales and marketing team are based out of Los Angeles, Calif.

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