Product Reviews Make Cash


Endorsing or recommending a product/service is not rocket science. As long as you know how to write an honest product review, you will see results – whether it’s an affiliate product or your own product.

Writing a personal, to the point product review that helps the prospect make a buying decision is what ultimately sets you apart from the majority. But if that’s the case, why do so many fail at it so miserably? The reason being simple – when you convert your review into a sales pitch, not many people are going to buy into your words.

Here’s what all you need to do to write a product review that is both useful and persuasive:

1) Cut out the hype please: Your prospects will be able to smell hype from a mile. If you want to really make an impact with your review and get people to take action then make sure it’s genuine. Don’t sell, but recommend and help your prospects. Win their trust with your words.

2) Write like you’re talking to a friend: You don’t want your product review to be too loud or sound too cheesy. Write it in a relaxed tone and keep it easy going. Simplicity is what you should aiming for. Narrate a story or your experience with the product rather than doing hardcore selling. Because that’s the only way you’ll get your prospect to feel comfortable.

3) Be accurate and clear in your description: You shouldn’t hold back any important information about the product that needs to be relayed to your prospect. Be accurate about it in every way. Show your readers what the product’s benefits are and also point out the drawbacks, if any. This will help them understand your review much better.

4) Showcase your experience and authority: If you have experience that can make your product review more legitimate – don’t hide it. Any authority that you show will add weight to your review and make it more believable/credible. For example, if you are reviewing a ‘kitchen knife’ set and you happen to be a chef, let your readers know that. The more your readers trust you, the higher will be the chance of them taking any action.

5) Focus on the problem and lead them to the solution: This is one of the classic ways of making people connect to the product you’re reviewing. People buy for emotional reasons and when you focus on the problem they are facing, they will naturally want a solution. Making them feel the pain point will help you build up on the solution and help you safely introduce your product.

6) Leverage product comparisons: People read product reviews to make a better buying decision. They want to be sure of the product before they invest any money into it. When you compare the product against other products in the market and highlight its best benefits, your readers will automatically feel the ‘comfort factor’. The key here is to tell them specifically as to why you liked one product over the other.

How do you go about writing your product reviews and making them more persuasive? We’d love to hear from you so please leave your comments below!

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