Tons of Bad Ads Removed from Google


Google claims that they have been successful in preventing people from placing “bad ads” on Google, with the amount of bad ads down by 50%.  “Online advertising is the commercial lifeblood of the web, so it’s vital that people can trust the ads on Google and the Internet overall,” wrote Chief Engineer Sridhar Ramaswamy.

According to the Ramaswamy, over 130 Million “bad ads” were removed in 2011. “Like all other internet companies, we’re fighting a war against a huge number of bad actors — from websites selling counterfeit goods and fraudulent tickets to underground international operations trying to spread malware and spyware,” he added. “We must remain vigilant because scammers will always try to find new ways to abuse our systems.”

Quite a few of the “bad ads” on Google that are showing up are unfortunately in the performance marketing industry. Unfortunately, this means that because of the actions of those who ignore the standards, sometimes whole category of ads and whole parts of our industry are summarily banned from advertising on Google.

The following video explains what Google does to prevent more bad ads from showing up.

Did you know that hundreds of Googlers work around the clock to make sure the ads you see on Google are safe? David Baker, Engineering Director at Google, explains more about our fight against scam ads and our process for keeping you safe.

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