7 Ways Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Search Engine Rankings


Pinterest is the new kid on the social media block. Its become one of the fastest growing social media sites on the Internet.

One reason why Pinterest is working out so well is because of its unique approach to content curation. People share interesting pictures on the site by ‘pinning’ them to their ‘boards’.

If you’re on Pinterest, you should be doing everything you can to leverage it for traffic. Internet marketers have already started to use the social network to drive targeted visitors back to their web properties – so why not you?

By simply optimizing your Pinterest profile for the  search engines you can magnify the response you get from the site. Given below are 7 smart tips to help you propel your Pinterest presence to a whole new level.

1) Optimize Your Profile Description – The description area is where you tell others about you and your business. It’s also where you get to add the keywords that you’re targeting. So make sure you fill the description area with rich content that clearly tells other members about you.

2) Use Hash Tags – If you want to get a high number of likes and shares on the site, make sure you’re using hash tags to add keywords to the description of your pins. Just like Twitter, Pinterest users also use #tags frequently, and that’s something you can take advantage of.

3) Add the “Pin It” Button to Your Website – Pinterest is no different from other popular social networking sites when it comes to making your content go viral. By adding the “pin it” button to your blog, along with the Facebook “like” button and Twitter’s “tweet” button, you will make it easy for other people to share your stuff on Pinterest. This automatically helps you get a link back to your site.

4) Use @ Tags – Since Pinterest is a social site, you need to connect with other users to build relationships and get your pins popular. A good way to do this is to add the other pinners using @ tags. This improves your chances of getting a re-pin and helps you strengthen your identity on the site.

5) Connect Your Social Media Profiles – Pinterest lets you add your Facebook/Twitter profiles in the “Edit Profile” section. When you do so, you let Google know  your overall social presence. It also adds more credibility to your profile.

6) Go for Creative Visual Content – The kind of content that you share on Pinterest really makes a difference. Be bold, be creative, be amazing – that’s how you get noticed and get more shares. For example, if your website sells software tool for stock traders, create a beautiful infographic explaining its benefits. Think out of the box.

7) Take Care of the Basics – If you want to get the most out of Pinterest in terms of SEO, you should work on building a strong foundation first. Taking care of simple things like attaching your URL to the pin and linking your pins to relevant pages of your website can help in the long run.

How are you using Pinterest? And what are you doing to make your Pinterest activity SEO friendly? Do share your experience in the comments below!

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