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Founded in 2002, Clickbooth is a veteran in the online marketing space, celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year. Clickbooth is frequently ranked the #1 CPA network and last year added a CPC Marketplace to it’s business offerings. By focusing on long term partnerships Clickbooth has consistently delivered a better consumer experience, wider variety of offers and higher quality traffic.

Clickbooth’s CPA network is “the Exclusive CPA” network with more truly exclusive campaigns and affiliates than any other network in the world.

CPA Advertisers – Without a doubt Clickbooth is noted as being the top quality traffic provider in the CPA space. They have an aggressive approvals process that denies 9 out of 10 publishers who apply for the network and they consistently set the bar for implementing and enforcing industry leading best practices. Advertisers fortunate enough to obtain network admittance tap into an unmatched consultative approach from industry experts and gain access to the industry’s leading base of exclusive publishers.

CPA Publishers – Clickbooth’s Affiliate Strategists and guaranteed payments are what sets them apart from the pack. Their AMs are all extremely knowledgeable and interested in your business as a whole, rather than just pushing the next random offer. They can even hook up loyal and exclusive publishers with access to white label offers, new traffic sources, email resources (IPs, etc) and above HL payouts. This is a network that you want to form a lasting transparent relationship with because you will be taken care of. All affiliates can benefit from the 500+ true exclusive offers.

Clickbooth uses their unique knowledge of publisher and advertiser back ends to effectively monetize top comScore websites while cutting out the additional margin traditional CPC networks take and passing that on to the clients.

Media Buyers – The CPC Marketplace serves 5 billion impressions monthly on carefully selected and screened sites that include MSN, Huffington Post, LA Times,,, Fox, NBC, CBS just to name a few. Traffic comes from both competitive sources as well as unique and exclusive placements only accessible through CBCPC. They provide advertisers with unparalleled transparency and control. Affiliates and direct advertisers alike have seen tremendous success here. See if you can qualify for their managed account program where you’ll receive a dedicated account manager and access to an optimization specialist.

Website Owners – CBCPC’s text only or text plus image ad units out monetize the competition consistently by 15-30%, yielding higher eCPMs than any other CPC network or remnant exchange in the industry. Additionally with their tie in to CPA they have a more direct connection with the end advertisers being run on your site and can guarantee superior ad quality and compliance. You can access real time reporting and they guarantee 100% ad fill.

Clickbooth is positioned to dominate all forms of online marketing and is THE network that sets the trends for new marketing techniques and compliance. Clickbooth’s team of industry experts provides a bird eye view of the competition and how to succeed. To learn more about their network and see if you qualify visit

Top Exclusive Offers

Smokeless Selects – Top ECig campaign for email and media buys. $40 payout; Initial cost to consumer $4.95. US Only! Email, Search, Onsite & Contextual Traffic Allowed!
Choice Home Warranty – Free Month! 
$15 payout. Beats AHS on all split tests. US Only! Email, Search, Onsite & Contextual Traffic Allowed!
Ripped Muscle Extreme
– Top Men’s fitness product. $38 payout; Initial cost to consumer only $1.99. US Only! Email, Search, Onsite & Contextual Traffic Allowed!

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