Mobile Facebook Ads Equal Amazing Revenue


Despite in their IPO filings, they mentioned that they had nothing whatsoever planned for mobile monetization, Facebook will be making an announcement on February 29th in NYC that they will indeed be involved in mobile facebook advertising.

With over 425 Million of the users accessing Facebook via their mobile device, this is a sure fire moneymaker. They have already signed a deal with Bango PLC, a London-based firm that provides mobile payment services.

“There has never been a media property, to my knowledge, with 400 million users and no revenue model,” said analyst David Berkowitz, the former founding editor of Emarketer and digital strategyist for 360i. “The only form of media that has come close is the Bible, but at least that gets you to church to pay dues. Facebook will undoubtedly pursue other revenue streams, but mobile advertising will need to be one of them.”

This is really cool news for marketers, because it will allow eventually anyone to target people on the go. Most people see that at some point, Facebook will give an option for anyone to market to someone based on where their mobile device is. Imagine being able to push a store or a sale in the area, based both on interests and where the person is. For affiliates, the possibilities are beyond endless. Combine it with the new targeting features and you have a money maker.

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