New Facebook Broad Targeting Rocks


Affiliates rejoice, Facebook has a bunch of new targeting options that rock. If you’ve ever tried to create targeting segments, you know how difficult it is, especially in starting new campaigns. Well, the new targeting options are really, really cool including some really amazing new features.

The broad category options are basically demographic and lifestyle options that are based on how a Facebook user registers and what they are doing.

For example, there is the “Recently Moved” Event Category, which allows you to target about anyone who has changed where they live on their Facebook profile to another city or locale.  This is great if you want to pitch anything that has to do with a new location, such as coupons.

The other really cool feature is the “away from Family” or “Away From Hometown.” I’m not sure how this is done, but I believe its done by check-ins, if someone posts from an IP elsewhere, or posts an update in a different city. This is a really, really cool feature because you could target anything from cheap hotels, flower services, or even adult-escort dating.

The broad targeting options are also based on likes of a user. While before broad targeting, there were keyword-targeting options, this allows you to target a bit more effectively than looking for keywords on a page. If a user clicks on “Like Call of Duty Modern Warfare” this is a lot more proof that the person is into video games, than someone who wrote “Anyone who likes to play video games are losers.”

The real interest here is being creative. For example, by mixing and matching gender, age and interests you can reach people beyond the obvious targeting.  Younger people who are planning to buy a car, might be interested in a lower-income loan possibility. Younger people who are engaged, could be looking for a loan also to buy a wedding ring. The possibilities are endless and thinking outside the box will always make you a more successful marketer.

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