Facebook Ads Will be Gone As We Know It.


A leaked document, available here on Performance Marketing Insider Leaked Facebook Document, has suggested that Facebook may soon be introducing changes to its premium PPC ads.

Facebook’s PPC platform is already a very popular one, with businesses around the world using it to gain insights into how far their advert reached and just what kind of people clicked on it. Marketers and Affiliates have all tried to learn how to turn Facebook ads into money, and it’s one of the most popular mechanism for affiliate marketing

Now, Facebook appears to be lining up one of its biggest ad updates in recent memory; with the its premium ads seeing something of an evolution.

Whilst nothing has yet been confirmed by the social networks, the leaked document states that in the coming months, businesses will be able to target the friends of those who already like their brand; potentially opening the advert up to a much larger audience.

This is also set to give the ad more gravity, as users may be more likely to pay it attention if their friends have already registered an interest.

The leaked document, printed on cnet.com, reads: “Post on your page and reach 16 per cent of your fans. Make 1 post/day into an Ad to reach 3-5x more fans. Run expanded Premium Ads with a 20-30x frequency to reach friends of fans and your target audience.”

How these Upgraded Premium Ads work?

  1. Make a page post: There are 6 kinds of page posts to choose from: status updates (text), photos, videos, links, questions, and events.
  2. You can turn your page posts into ads, Anything you can post on your page can be turned into an ad. These ads can targeted to anyone on Facebook.
  3. When the person seeing your ad has friends who are fans of your page, Facebook will automatically expand the ad with enhanced social context about those friends, at no extra cost to you.
  4. When fans see your ad, they’ll see an expanded interface below the ad that lets them like or comment on the posts directly from the ad.

It goes on to claim that users are four times more likely to make a purchase when they see a friend has interacted with a brand.

Whilst not yet confirmed by Facebook, an announcement is expected on February 29th.

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