Dozens of Networks Shut Down: DirectTrack Suffers Massive Failure


According both DirectTrack and it’s customers, DirectTrack has suffered a massive failure to its entire system, that has no “immediately resolution.” Those in the industry first attributed this to server  severe Denial of Service Attack, but recent emails between the customers and networks show that the failure is much more serious.

The following correspondence was sent by direct track engineers and client services explaining the failure

 Unfortunately, the efforts to restore operability of the storage area network (SAN) have stalled.  This is impacting all Digital River platforms, including DirectTrack. Senior engineers and technicians from Hitachi and Sun Microsystems, the SAN vendors, are on site in the Digital River data center.  All possible measures to restore operability of the SAN are being taken.

While all teams and resources are working to correct this problem as quickly as possible, we do not anticipate an immediate resolution. Should the current status change in the immediate term, we will provide an update.  Otherwise we will update you on the progress of the corrective action as such progress is made.

Whether or not DirectTrack could have prevented this is unknown for certain, but some insiders have pointed out that this was caused because DirectTrack does not use a fully mirrored system. A single point of storage system means that when a failure like this happens, there is not another system “mirror” to keep the structure up. Several systems such as Cake Marketing, HasOffers, and Google, Yahoo and Amazon provide this to all their customers which would prevent this serious disaster.

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