In a letter to customers, Digital River’s CEO has responded to the issues that DirectTrack faced this week. Of course, since they could face possible legal actions and more obviously, loss of all their customer base, they did not address what happened.

Full text of letter is below.

As CEO of Digital River, I want you to have a clear explanation of the events that occurred over the past few days. Digital River experienced an abrupt and rare hardware failure late last week that impacted an array in one of our eight data centers. As a result, some of our marketing services, including DirectTrack, were offline.

We know that DirectTrack is a key component of your business and central to your success. Restoring service to all customers is a top priority. Our technical experts along with our vendors’ top engineers have been and will continue to work 24 hours a day until we return service to every client. As you read this email, service to virtually every DirectTrack client has been restored.

If your service is one that remains affected, the DirectTrack team will contact you directly and continue to provide updates until your service is back online. For those whose service has been restored, thank you for your patience during this recovery process.

Digital River values each and every client who has entrusted their businesses to us. We acknowledge that this is a very serious situation – one that has had the full attention of my entire leadership team – and I want to assure you that we consider it a top priority to restore service to every customer.

I want to reiterate that our DirectTrack platform was and continues to be supported by a redundant system. However, the rare and far-reaching extent of this storage failure prevented us from being able to quickly recover processing of your services in our secondary environment. To provide you added assurance in our infrastructure and technology stack, we are working with an industry-leading consulting firm to further validate our solution.

On behalf of the entire Digital River team, I pledge that we will work tirelessly to regain the trust you placed in us. Thank you.


Joel Ronning
Chief Executive Officer
Digital River, Inc.

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