New Google Affiliate API Released

Google just released an API for its affiliate network program. Using the new API, both publishers and advertisers will be able to automate different, common tasks. The roll-out of these new capabilities should prove beneficial to both affiliates and advertisers.

Affiliate Benefits
With the API, publishers will be able to request a list of all advertisers. The catch is that the list will only contain advertisers that the publisher already has access to, as part of the program. Filters can be applied, based on earnings per click (EPC), EPC over the last 90 days, and more. The limiting factor is that the maximum number of advertisers that can be returned in a query is limited to 100. For affiliates that operate online storefronts or very large, portal websites, multiple queries may be required. Since the advertiser category is one of the filters available, this should not be a big deal.

Events data is also available, through the API. For affiliates that prefer to manage all of their earnings reporting, within their own internal reporting system, getting access to this data will prove invaluable. The granularity of event reporting data is impressive. Data can now be pulled all the way down to the SKU level, if part of the advertiser’s program. The API release should save Google affiliates a lot of administrative and reporting time, allowing them to redeploy resources back into revenue-generating activities.
Advertisers Gain Access

As part of the release, advertisers also gain API access. They will be able to perform many of the same queries that affiliates will be able to perform.
Further information on Google’s Network Affiliate API is available. This section will include technical and non-technical information. Affiliates that earn revenue through Google’s affiliate network should take a serious look at the new features and capabilities available. For more information on the announcement, please visit here.

Michael Marchese
Michael Marchese is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media, an original content creation, monetization, and syndication provider. Michael has over 15 years of industry experience. He has served in senior management or board member capacities for companies including Leapfrog Online, WebSideStory, JWT Specialized Communications, and OCC.

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