How to Get Twitter Followers to Click on Links


Twitter can consistently be one of the greatest methods of getting people to click on links. While there are tons of spammers who use twitter, and that causes a serious noise problem when getting followers, there are tons of  great ways to still get people to “listen” to you on twitter. Simply put, Twitter, despite all its issues is still a great marketing tool. The simple way to use twitter to market is to make sure they actually click on your links, so here are a few tried and true methods.

1)   Don’t link without a title. Simply put, make sure you have a description and not just a link. Seems simple enough, but not enough people remember this.

2)   Start a discussion with others. If you can get other people to respond to your tweet, its more likely that other people will pay attention to it. Give an opinion in regards to the content you are trying to promote, create some excitement.

3)   Look at trends No matter what you are writing about or trying to link to, make sure that you follow current trends, so that more people might find your tweets.

4)   Timing is Everything. Doesn’t do much good to tweet in the middle of the night, nor necessarily the busiest time. Find out when your tweets get the most clicks based on timing of your followers. Probably not a good idea to tweet to Orthodox Jews on Saturday.

5)   Help Others. If people are asking questions, answer them, and at least seem to be smart. Not only does it make others like you, but makes other people remember you as the nice guy who went out of the way to answer a tweet.

6)   Don’t Spam. Seriously, don’t spam, don’t just send links to products. Spend most of your time promoting content that then mentions or links to your content. Instead of linking to a dating site, link to your dating blog.  A lot better for everyone.

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