Google Does a High-Fiver with Product Ads

I have no idea what this is getting so much traffic. lol?

Recently Google included a spot in Product Ads for five single products to show. Users now have more pricing details and information about the products. This new addition allows advertisers to highlight more than one item of their inventory at a time.

In a Product Listing Ad, it is now possible to show the merchant name, image, and price without the bother of extra keywords.

When a user does a search online that is associated to an item in one of the Google Merchant Center accounts, Google will display images of the product in the same ad space, with all relevant information.

The change is taking place in every country that has Product Ads. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany were added to the list this month. Google’s program was launched in U.S. beta and the studies are showing that users were much more likely to move their mouse to ‘click’ Product Ads than plain text ads.

The leads were also higher quality, making a higher ROI. There has been an increase to the tune of 600% for retail sites using Product listing Ads, compared to last year. The mega search engine is expecting even more productivity this holiday season.

What Product Ads Actually Do
Data is drawn from Google Merchant Center accounts by the Product Ads. These recent changes are becoming extremely beneficial to retailers and any that have not hooked into Google’s Product Ads just may find that they are missing out.

The recent changes are:

Retailers can now use their entire inventory simply by selecting the “All products” option when you set up the product target. This will ensure that your entire inventory can be shown.

Check your quality control with the data Quality tab at the Merchant Center. This allows for reviewing to see that the right amount of data for lining up the products for Google to display when someone does a search.

Any copy can be improved to be more appealing and draw users to your products. Bid opportunities can be maximized. This is a competitive time, especially during the holiday season. You can place your bids with more budget firepower to compete.

It is now so much easier for the retailer to display the entire inventory they have. Product advertising is much more engaging and attractive. Users are becoming more educated and this new and improved way to advertise at Google puts retailers in a better position to market successfully.

Cost per Action or CPA is how advertisers pay for the listings. This makes for low risk in finding a large audience. The risk is low because the advertiser only pays for that ad when someone clicks on the ad and then buys something from the site. The fact that someone gets to see the image and price of the product before they actually go to the site, is making them more likely to be in a buying mode when they arrive at the merchant retailer’s site.

High five for Google`s ingenious add on!

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