Using Google+ To Get Better Rates?


Google+ Pages for business is a new add-on that will change how we think of adwords in the next few months. Now, when businesses make a Page on Google+, they can connect the page to the website URLs in their Adwords account. This means that the +1s that are done on the linked URLs will now show +1’s for anything related to the brand.

What does this mean? That through advertising you can now have a significant viral impact on the brand. Advertising on Google Adwords will allow any company to promote themselves via Google+.

This is significant to Performance Marketers, because it will give them an advantage if they can get their product advertised being given more +1s.  When it comes to actual auction of the adwords, it also means the advertisements, both banners and text ads will eventually be given more weight based on the +1’s that it gets.

Does this mean that you will be able to pay less for Google adwords if you have more +1’s than your competitor? Not completely sure here, but Google has implied that they will favor those who have more social impact on Google+.

What's your opinion?