Friday, December 1, 2023


Yogurt’s Got a New Guru: Chobani Scoops Up Marketing Maestro Thomas Ranese

We all know Chobani, the foodie trailblazer known for its heavenly Greek yogurt and a fresh outlook on snacking! They've just unveiled their secret...

Netflix’s Advertising Odyssey: From Password Pirates to Advertisements and ARRRPU!

Repetitive ads on streaming platforms: Turning viewers into 'brand recall experts' and streaming services into 'ad annoyance champions' - it's a battle of wits and annoyance!

Affiliate Marketing = Fraud in 2022

 If you read some of the latest data surrounding the extent of affiliate fraud, you might have questions. In 2020, nearly 10% of traffic coming...

Netflix to Purchase Roku?

Roku has been having a tough time lately. The once high-flying streaming company has seen its stock price drop by about 80% since July...

Three Common Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

There can be no doubt that social media marketing is now an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. With over 2.3 billion people...

, Scam or Legit Expert?

Works for: Title: Do you know anything about them? Rate them, leave a review!

Steve Hall, Scam or Legit Expert?

Works for: Steve Hall Photography Title: Photographer Do you know anything about them? Rate them, leave a review!

Jose Rivera, Scam or Legit Expert?

Works for: Axxess, Inc. - MobiAxxess Performance Network Title: CEO Do you know anything about them? Rate them, leave a review!

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“Go F*ck Yourself”The Unraveling of Elon Musk and X

In a brightly lit room of power and privilege, the air is thick with tension. Elon Musk, the once-celebrated...
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From Courtside to Center Stage: Otterman’s Macy’s Marvel

Enter the grand narrative of American retail, where a new character has emerged on the stage of Macy’s, that...

Good Trouble and Great Creativity: Jo Wallace’s Impact on Jellyfish

The global digital marketing juggernaut, Jellyfish, renowned for its partnerships with some of the world's most iconic brands,...

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Streamlining the Future: FreeWheel and OrkaTV’s FAST Track to Advertising Triumph

FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising...