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Dave Morgan Talks Tech Under Fire: Ukraine’s Unyielding Innovation

Embarking on a narrative journey through the heart of Ukraine’s tech scene amidst turmoil, Dave Morgan, Chairman of Simulmedia, offers an intimate glimpse into a world where resilience and innovation defy the encroaching shadows of conflict. His recounting paints a vivid tableau of challenges, triumphs, and the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainian tech professionals, as they navigate the complexities of maintaining global partnerships and fostering growth in the face of adversity.

Morgan articulates the core challenge facing Ukraine’s tech industry with poignant clarity: “The biggest challenges are to continue to maintain the support and trust of their clients and partners around the world.” This struggle, he notes, is compounded by the global corporate reflex to distance themselves from conflict zones, a stance that Ukrainian tech professionals tirelessly work to counter through their unwavering commitment to operational excellence and service continuity. “It’s very easy for large companies to suspend IT contracts and development contracts with people that are in the middle of a war… But the data belies that actually. They’ve done an amazing job keeping all of their infrastructure working,” Morgan emphasizes, showcasing the industry’s resilience.

The vibrancy of Ukraine’s startup ecosystem, even amidst the backdrop of war, is another testament to the indomitable spirit of its tech community. Morgan’s experience at IT Arena, a beacon for startups in the region, underscores this point. “There were amazing startups. There is a certain amount of capital in Ukraine for tech startups. There is quite a bit actually across Europe. So the fundings are happening,” he recalls, highlighting the sector’s ability to attract investment and innovate under pressure, particularly in the realms of defense and military technology.

Morgan also sheds light on the instrumental role of communication firms like CFC Big Ideas in supporting Ukraine’s strategic and resistance efforts. These organizations, by “volunteering a lot of their efforts and energy to the government,” exemplify the collaborative spirit driving the tech industry’s contribution to national defense and resilience. Such efforts, Morgan notes, are crucial in supporting the Ministry of Strategic Industries and bolstering the private sector, particularly in defense.

Reflecting on the broader lessons for the global tech community, Morgan points to the adaptability and resilience exemplified by Ukrainian tech firms, especially in the face of disaster. The transformation of tech hubs into logistical lifelines for employees and their families speaks volumes about the industry’s commitment to its people. “They were moving families around, they were setting up temporary housing, they were setting up commercial kitchens… And their capacity to adjust and become vibrant sort of support infrastructure for their employees in the middle of a war was shocking,” Morgan states, underlining the profound adaptability and resilience at play.

The conversation with Morgan also touches on the critical challenge of combating Russian disinformation, highlighting the paramount importance of critical thinking in this fight. “The best defense would actually be critical thinking and being able to actually question and try to interpret what we’re hearing and what we’re seeing,” Morgan suggests, pointing to the necessity of a discerning approach to information consumption and the vital role of technology in identifying and mitigating misinformation.

Amidst the technological and strategic narratives, Morgan shares personal stories that highlight the human spirit’s capacity to endure and adapt. Recounting his experience of a missile alert during a meeting, which led to an impromptu continuation in a bomb shelter, Morgan reveals the everyday realities of life and work in a conflict zone. “We pick our machines up, go downstairs into deep depths of like a parking garage… And we continue the meeting,” he recalls, painting a vivid picture of resilience and adaptation in the face of constant threat.

Looking to the future, Morgan expresses optimism for Ukraine’s tech industry, envisioning it as a burgeoning hub of innovation and growth in the post-conflict era. “Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania will become the fastest growing tech area in the world over the next 30 years,” he predicts, highlighting the strategic significance and untapped potential of the region in the global tech landscape. This vision of growth and recovery is rooted in a belief in Ukraine’s victory and the transformative power of technology and innovation to rebuild and revitalize a nation.

Through his insights, Morgan offers a comprehensive exploration of Ukraine’s tech industry amid conflict, weaving together themes of resilience, innovation, community, and the human spirit. His narrative serves as a powerful reminder of the tech industry’s capacity to not only drive economic progress but also uphold the values of democracy, collaboration, and human dignity in the face of adversity.


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