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From Courtside to Center Stage: Otterman’s Macy’s Marvel

Enter the grand narrative of American retail, where a new character has emerged on the stage of Macy’s, that venerable institution of commerce and culture.

Sharon Otterman assumes the role of Chief Marketing Officer, not just as a functionary, but as a harbinger of change in an epoch where retail intersects with spectacle, storytelling, and digital metamorphosis.

Starting December 11, 2023, Otterman will report to Tony Spring, the president and CEO-elect. In her, Macy’s sees not just an executive, but a maestro of market forces, poised to orchestrate a transformation that extends far beyond the aisles of their stores.

“Sharon brings a diverse background in media, entertainment, and digital transformation to Macy’s. We are excited to bring more retail theater across our shopping experiences. She is a passionate strategist and has a successful track record of evolving brands, developing creative marketing campaigns, and driving profitable growth. We look forward to having Sharon as part of our leadership team,” said Tony Spring.

The appointment of Otterman is more than a changing of the guard; it is the ascent of a visionary in an industry where branding is akin to mythology. Her mandate is expansive, a crescendo of responsibilities that include strategic marketing, brand evolution, awareness, engagement, and loyalty across all customer segments. This is the symphony of Macy’s future.

Otterman’s canvas is vast, spanning from brand activation and campaign advertising to content planning. Yet, it goes beyond the realm of spreadsheets and marketing jargon. It touches the heart of the Macy’s experience, delving into creative realms, visual merchandising, and brand entertainment. In essence, it’s about the creation of dreams.

Naturally, Otterman inherits the stewardship of Macy’s iconic entertainment events – the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy’s July 4th Fireworks, and the annual Spring Flower Show. These are not mere events; they are rituals etched into the American cultural calendar. Otterman’s task is to infuse new life into these cherished traditions, to ensure that the magic endures in an ever-evolving world.

But who is Sharon Otterman, and what is the narrative she brings to the table? Her story is one of over two decades in the trenches, transforming brands for Fortune 500 companies. Her journey includes a stint as CMO at Caesar’s Entertainment, where she launched Caesar’s Sportsbook, a bold move in the world of betting. Prior to that, she held the position of EVP and CMO at Madison Square Garden Company, a realm where sports, entertainment, and culture converge.

Otterman’s journey is also woven into the fabric of media giants. She served as CMO for NBCUniversal’s news division and was a VP of Marketing at ESPN, a world where the line between sports and spectacle blurs.

Academically, Otterman holds a BS degree in Corporate Communication from Ithaca College, a foundation in storytelling and communication. She further honed her skills through the Executive MBA program at New York University, equipping herself to navigate the intricate interplay of business and culture.

In Sharon Otterman, Macy’s is not merely acquiring an executive; they are inviting a storyteller, a strategist, and a custodian of culture into their ranks. She embodies the spirit of an era where retail is a stage, brands are tales, and marketing is a dialogue with the soul of the consumer.

As Otterman assumes the mantle of Macy’s marketing leadership, she is not just taking on a job; she is shouldering the aspirations of a nation of shoppers. Her task is to craft narratives that resonate, experiences that inspire, and dreams that are as vivid as the iconic Macy’s storefronts. In the theater of commerce, where the curtain rises with every shopping bag, Sharon Otterman is poised to be the director of Macy’s next act, and it promises to be a performance worth watching.

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