Monetizr, the advertising experience platform, has successfully secured $4 million in a recent fundraising round, led by Change Ventures, a prominent investment firm. Other investors included Techstars and Ludus Ventures, as well as notable angel investors Ari Paparo, CEO of Marketecture Media and former executive at Google and Beeswax, and Jared Schrieber, Founder of InfoScout/Numerator. With this infusion of capital, Monetizr aims to enhance its position as a trailblazer in the gaming industry, fostering a novel approach to in-game advertising that delivers engaging and immersive brand experiences without disrupting gameplay. The funds will be strategically allocated to expand the company’s US sales team and further develop its European development hubs in London, Riga, and Helsinki.

Advertising budgets are witnessing a noticeable shift towards the gaming sector, driven by the burgeoning global gaming community that comprises over 3 billion gamers. Younger generations are progressively moving away from traditional television, reinforcing the relevance of gaming as a powerful advertising medium. The in-game advertising market is projected to grow significantly, expected to reach $32 billion in 2023 and an impressive $46 billion by 2027. These numbers highlight the lucrative potential of in-game advertising, further supported by the fact that more than half of mobile gamers are over the age of 35. Furthermore, gaming already accounts for 43% of smartphone use and is poised to surpass social media in the near future.

Despite the evident opportunity, both brands and marketers face substantial hurdles in developing scalable ad campaigns, while game publishers struggle to monetize their products effectively. Presently, in-game advertising predominantly consists of intrusive video ads or background billboards that offer mere impressions but lack genuine engagement.

Monetizr seeks to unlock the untapped advertising potential within mobile games by providing targeted and engaging brand experiences that seamlessly integrate with gameplay. Unlike traditional approaches, Monetizr enables brand managers to purchase scalable and cost-effective ads through its data-driven consumer engagement platform. Simultaneously, the platform empowers game publishers to define a new class of in-game ad assets, facilitating better monetization opportunities. By offering repeated and varied storytelling opportunities throughout a single gameplay session, Monetizr enhances gamer experiences through immersive game-enriching content, rather than distracting background decorations.

Amidst the evolving landscape of privacy rules, including new Apple guidelines that limit access to consumer in-app data, Monetizr’s backend SDK continues to deliver valuable, anonymous consumer behavioral data. This data is critical for advertisers seeking to adapt and connect with their target audience effectively.

Monetizr’s engagement metrics are independently measurable through established industry standards such as Nielsen and IAB standardized formats. The platform’s technology is also compliant with renowned marketing automation solutions like Oracle Moat Measurement, and it holds OMSDK compliance and SOC2 certification, ensuring its reliability and trustworthiness.

Andris Berzins, Partner at lead investor Change Ventures, expresses his excitement about supporting Monetizr, emphasizing that it represents an incredible opportunity before the company embarks on a trajectory of explosive growth. Monetizr’s clients confirm that the platform is the only ad platform that delivers engaging, scalable in-game advertising that gamers genuinely appreciate. This endorsement reinforces Monetizr’s potential to become a global leader in mobile games advertising.

The newly acquired investment will be strategically utilized in two core areas. First, Monetizr will expand its sales teams across North America, with new hires stationed in key cities such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Second, the company will focus on technical and product development, employing key talent within its established development hubs in London, Riga, and Helsinki.

Monetizr’s recent successful funding round signifies a promising future for the company, as it continues to revolutionize the landscape of in-game advertising. With an innovative approach that prioritizes seamless integration and meaningful connections with consumers, Monetizr stands as a catalyst for igniting global mobile games advertising. The combination of strategic expansion plans and a commitment to providing engaging, non-disruptive advertising experiences establishes Monetizr as a prominent player in the gaming industry’s evolving advertising ecosystem.

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