The world of performance beauty is about to witness a seismic shift, as the pioneering force that is Evolus, Inc. (NASDAQ: EOLS), welcomes a luminary in the art of marketing and sales, Ms. Tomoko Yamagishi-Dressler, as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In a realm where aesthetics and innovation dance in unison, Yamagishi-Dressler’s arrival marks a new crescendo in the symphony of transformation.

With a tapestry woven from years of experience in the marketing and sales fields, Yamagishi-Dressler’s journey reads like a symphony of achievements. Her career, spanning over two decades, began in 1987 with a role as Vice President at Lehman Brothers. From there, the path she blazed led her through the corridors of industry giants, each chapter adding a new note to her symphony.

In 1996, she donned the mantle of a Summer Associate at The Boston Consulting Group, an experience that refined her strategic acumen. The following year, the world of beauty beckoned, and Yamagishi-Dressler stepped into the role of Marketing Manager at Chanel, where her flair for crafting narratives of allure was nurtured. In 1999, she added a vibrant chapter to her story, taking up the role of Marketing Manager at Victoria’s Secret Beauty, where she lent her touch of creativity to a brand synonymous with elegance.

However, it was in the year 2000 that the world of beauty was forever changed by her presence. Joining Shiseido Americas Corporation, Yamagishi-Dressler embarked on a journey that would define her legacy. Within Shiseido, she held a plethora of roles that showcased her multifaceted expertise. From Global Skincare Marketing Group Leader to Vice President of Marketing, her journey was a tapestry of innovation woven through the fabric of luxury skincare.

Her tenure saw her relocation to the very heart of Shiseido’s origins in Japan, assuming the mantle of Group Leader for Global Skincare Marketing. It was here that her visionary leadership introduced a new portfolio of products, bolstering the competitive stance of the beauty behemoth. Returning to the United States, she assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, orchestrating the digital transformation of Shiseido’s ultra-prestige division.

Yamagishi-Dressler’s chronicle of triumph is further illuminated by her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Beautyblender in 2021. Here, she elevated the global position of Beautyblender, imprinting her distinctive mark on the brand’s journey through Sephora and ULTA. The convergence of these narratives paints a picture of a marketing virtuoso whose expertise is akin to a brushstroke of transformation.

Educational accolades adorn her journey, with a BA in LAW earned from Keio University. In 1997, she graced the halls of Harvard Business School, enriching her strategic repertoire. Not content to rest on her laurels, she embarked on a journey of continuous learning, obtaining a Digital Marketing Analytics certification from MIT Sloan School of Management in 2021. Presently, she is enrolled in the SHISEIDO+ Digital Academy Training Program at Circus Street, cementing her status as a lifelong learner in the realm of innovation.

David Moatazedi, President and CEO at Evolus, aptly captures the essence of this transformative juncture, stating, “This is the right time to focus our efforts on building Jeuveau® into a household name.” With the Jeuveau® rebranding triumph and the impending launch of the Evolysse™ line, Yamagishi-Dressler’s appointment assumes an almost prophetic significance.

As Yamagishi-Dressler steps into the role of CMO at Evolus, the performance beauty domain braces itself for a transformation unlike any other. Her journey, an amalgamation of innovation and experience, is a harbinger of the evolution that awaits. A beauty renaissance is on the horizon, and it is being sculpted by the hands of a visionary.

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