Let’s make this clear: traditional identifiers are fading away and consumers are scattered across various channels. Attention metrics have emerged as the new gold standard. Enter DoubleVerify, a trailblazing force that is redefining the way advertisers measure and optimize their campaigns through attention metrics.

Competition for consumer attention has never been fiercer, the reign of viewability as the primary metric is rapidly waning. Made for Advertising Sites have shown “viewabiltiy” can be easily scammed, and easily fooled. 

Advertisers and marketers are now shifting their focus towards a more sophisticated and insightful measurement: attention metrics. These metrics, often referred to as the “next-gen KPIs,” provide a deeper understanding of consumer engagement and interaction with advertisements, transcending the limitations of mere viewability.

Will Margaritis, Senior Vice President of Global Commerce Solutions at agency Reprise Commerce, aptly describes attention metrics as the “next-gen KPIs.” In an era where every second of consumer attention is precious, these metrics provide a means to ascertain whether ads are making a meaningful impact within the top echelons of engagement—approximately the top 10% to 15%. This critical insight enables advertisers to fine-tune their strategies, optimize campaigns, and effectively measure the impact of their efforts.

The underpinnings of attention metrics are rooted in two primary sources of data: biometric information gathered through eye-tracking technology, and performance-level data encompassing screen real estate, interaction rates, completion rates, and more. The integration of these multifaceted data streams enables a holistic understanding of how consumers engage with advertisements.

While the idea of employing eye-tracking technology to gather biometric data may raise concerns about privacy and ethics, companies like DoubleVerify have taken a cautious approach. The data collected through these means is primarily aggregated from consumer panels who have willingly opted into the process, ensuring that consumer privacy remains a top priority.

Given the ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices, these platforms emerge as ideal mediums for the prioritization of attention metrics. According to data from Extreme Reach and Insider Intelligence, mobile devices accounted for a staggering 39% of global video ad impressions in the second quarter of 2022. As consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones for media consumption, understanding how attention metrics play out in this context becomes paramount.

Interestingly, the dynamics of attention also vary across age groups. Research by Reprise Commerce indicates that older individuals tend to have longer attention spans. This does not necessarily translate to higher engagement levels; rather, it reflects the fact that attention becomes more finely attuned as individuals age.

As advertisers grapple with the challenges posed by the fragmentation of media consumption across channels and devices, attention metrics emerge as a beacon of clarity. A survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that 36% of buy-side advertising decision-makers are focusing more on attention metrics, signaling a significant shift in the industry’s priorities.

Britt Cushing, Head of Communications Planning at Omnicom’s OMD USA, underscores the importance of attention metrics as a leading indicator of business outcomes in a recent BeetTV Interview. These metrics pave the way for a deeper understanding of brand impact, purchase intent, consideration, and more, particularly in the upper and mid-funnel stages of the customer journey.

 DoubleVerify emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of attention metrics. This industry leader has been at the forefront of redefining how attention is measured, optimized, and translated into tangible results.

DoubleVerify’s acquisition of AI-focused ad tech startup Scibids for $125 million underscores its commitment to innovation and advancement in this space. Scibids specializes in dynamically adjusting bids for every impression based on advertisers’ KPIs, using a data-driven approach to optimize campaigns. This acquisition propels DoubleVerify beyond traditional measurement, empowering it to actively engage in media activation and campaign optimization.

Scibids’ technology operates by pulling information through APIs from demand-side platforms, incorporating first-party data, media cost, and attention data from DoubleVerify. This synergy enhances the granularity and applicability of data for customers, providing a refined understanding of domains, devices, geolocations, and more.

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, has emphasized the transformative power of Scibids’ technology, taking data to an entirely new level of granularity and applicability. The partnership introduces a more fluid and nuanced approach to campaign optimization, reflecting the dynamic nature of attention metrics in a rapidly changing advertising landscape.

This confluence of attention metrics and AI-powered decisioning paves the way for enhanced campaign optimization. The DV Algorithmic Optimizer, born from the collaboration between DoubleVerify and Scibids, capitalizes on attention metrics to craft refined segments for media activation, identify high-attention inventory, and optimize campaigns. This tool is a testament to the efficacy of attention metrics in guiding sophisticated AI algorithms for superior outcomes.

The impact of attention metrics is not confined to traditional digital advertising channels. DoubleVerify’s partnership with TVision underscores the commitment to advancing attention measurement in connected TV environments. By integrating TVision’s viewer presence and eyes-on-screen attention signals with DoubleVerify’s ad exposure and user-engagement data, the partnership sets a new standard for assessing the true impact of CTV advertising.

In an advertising landscape characterized by uncertainty, evolving standards, and a proliferation of channels, attention metrics have emerged as a beacon of clarity. As the competition for consumer attention intensifies, DoubleVerify stands as the vanguard of this revolution, combining attention metrics with cutting-edge AI technology to redefine how campaigns are measured, optimized, and activated.

As the advertising industry continues to evolve, attention metrics and innovations driven by pioneers like DoubleVerify will remain instrumental in delivering superior outcomes for brands across the globe. In this dynamic journey, the battle for attention metrics is far from over, and DoubleVerify is poised to maintain its reign as the King of Attention Metrics.

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