GainShare, a leading performance marketing agency has announced its strategic partnership with KeyTV Network, the esteemed media platform founded by the multi-talented entertainer Keke Palmer. This collaboration aims to leverage GainShare’s optimization expertise and targeted advertising to expand KeyTV’s reach and effectively engage its desired audience. The partnership underscores the significance of bridging the gap between content, the creator economy, and a performance-driven approach to cultivate larger audiences.

KeyTV Network was created by Keke Palmer as a means of spotlighting a new generation of creators, democratizing digital content, and providing a platform for diverse voices. Palmer believes that everyone should have access to high-quality content, and KeyTV Network accomplishes this by offering a diverse range of scripted and unscripted series and programming. Currently available on YouTube and Facebook, KeyTV also maintains a strong presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

“We are excited about the future growth of the network in our partnership with GainShare. KeyTV Network was very well received when we first launched, and we want to build on that momentum to help redefine what stories, content, and engagement look like for the next generation,” expressed KeyTV Network. “We can only do that by reaching diverse audiences, optimizing our messaging, and learning through data. We are thrilled to see what we all do together.”

The partnership is focused on expanding engagement and access to KeyTV’s unique and original content and programs. It represents an exciting collaboration between two teams dedicated to driving audience growth and building brand awareness. GainShare’s involvement includes various key areas:

Content Optimization: GainShare will provide consulting services for ad creation, social promotion, thumbnail, and metadata execution, as well as other channel optimization needs. Digital Marketing: The agency will handle digital performance media planning and buying for KeyTV Network. Analytics & Real-Time Measurement: GainShare will offer fully integrated analytics and success data to monitor and optimize KeyTV’s performance.

“Cass Baker, President of GainShare, stated, “GainShare will utilize advanced optimization techniques and industry-leading digital marketing strategies across platforms and channels to amplify KeyTV’s captivating content. Through a data-driven approach and audience insights, GainShare aims to help KeyTV reach new heights and achieve substantial growth. Together, GainShare and KeyTV are looking to further revolutionize the media landscape by combining digital marketing expertise with innovative content offerings, propelling KeyTV to global success.”

KeyTV Network represents a millennial and Gen Z-driven, BIPOC and culturally attuned digital brand that reimagines the concept of a network. It provides a curated space for young people to enjoy authentic and diverse content both on and off the screen. Inspired by Keke Palmer’s impactful career as an entertainer, KeyTV embodies a future-forward digital network. Leveraging Palmer’s extensive knowledge and expertise in both traditional and digital entertainment, KeyTV opens the doors and invites viewers to experience the culture.

GainShare, on the other hand, brings over 35 years of deep expertise and proven response-generating techniques to performance marketing. With a presence in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto, the agency offers direct-to-consumer marketing services encompassing strategy, creative, digital, media, and analytics. As scientific, creative, and predictive marketers, GainShare is passionate about driving measurable results that accelerate their clients’ businesses. The agency consistently exceeds acquisition and profit objectives, providing solutions that help clients grow their brands and gain market share.

The partnership between GainShare and KeyTV Network signifies a significant step towards optimizing content and expanding brand reach. By combining GainShare’s marketing expertise with KeyTV’s unique programming, the collaboration is poised to revolutionize the media landscape and empower diverse voices. As the partnership takes flight, audiences can expect an even more engaging and inclusive digital experience from KeyTV Network.

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