Julia Goldin is a seasoned marketing executive who is currently serving as the Chief Product and Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group. In this role, she is responsible for leading and inspiring the creation of LEGO play experiences that excite and educate kids. Goldin’s talented team is responsible for developing the product portfolio and experience, as well as marketing and building the brand through content, communication, and digital channels.

Prior to joining the LEGO Group in 2014, Julia was Global Chief Marketing Officer at Revlon, where she successfully led the company’s global marketing efforts. Before that, she had a 13-year career within the Coca-Cola Company, where she held several senior global and regional marketing roles, including Division Marketing Director of Northwest Europe and deputy Chief Marketing Officer of Japan. Her experience and expertise in the marketing industry have helped her bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the LEGO Group.

At LEGO, Goldin has been a big driver of purpose, and she is making sure that the company’s culture, products, and communications embody education, representation, and sustainability. In 2019, she launched the company’s first global brand campaign “Rebuild the World,” which aimed to inspire kids to unleash their creativity and build their own worlds. This campaign was a huge success and helped to further strengthen LEGO’s brand recognition and popularity.

Julia Goldin is a board member for the Museum of United Nations – UN Live, a new and visionary global museum. She is also a Board Member for the Fiskars Group and on the Board of Directors of the Association of National Advertisers. Through her various board positions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and she is well-respected in the marketing and advertising industry.

As an Executive Vice President at LEGO, Goldin does more than just marketing. She is also responsible for creating LEGO play experiences. She leads the team that creates the product portfolio, and she also handles research, licensing, partnerships, and the company’s own creative agency. Goldin’s extensive experience and marketing expertise make her an invaluable asset to the LEGO Group.

Goldin is passionate about the role that creativity plays in the modern world, and she believes that it is more essential now than ever before. She has said in interviews that creativity can lead to problem-solving and resilience. According to her, the best way to boost one’s imagination is by playing with LEGO sets. The LEGO Group uses LEGO bricks in training sessions and in day-to-day work to encourage employees to tap into their creativity.

One year, the LEGO Group offered a “Play Day” for all employees, where they could enjoy themselves while building connections. The company even used its own products as a source of inspiration during the pandemic, encouraging employees to use their LEGO bricks to build and imagine new worlds from home. This shows how deeply the company believes in the power of creativity and play.

Julia Goldin is a keen pianist and scuba-diver. She moved from Russia to study in the US in the late eighties, and she holds an MBA in International Marketing and Finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Throughout her career, she has shown a strong commitment to excellence and has consistently delivered outstanding results.

In 2021, the LEGO Group had an outstanding year, with consumer sales growing 22% year-over-year and overall revenue growing 27% to over DKK 55 billion. Operating profit rose 32% to DKK 17 billion, and net profit topped DKK 13 billion. The LEGO portfolio earned seven “Toy of the Year” awards from The Toy Association, and much of this success can be attributed to the leadership of Julia Goldin.

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